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Squiggle Wiggle Lili?!
July 25 2017
November 25 2017
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Squiggle Wiggle Lili?!
Squiggle Wiggle What?! by Stephen West
Needles & yarn
US 3 - 3.25 mm

Using smaller needles as the yarn is mostly sock yarn. And I am a small girl :))
Finished section 4 so far, am loving it!


finished section 5, half way through section 6.


Almost finished with section 7, where I’ve already started mixing the 2 main colors. I don’t think I’ll go through with all sections, as I am a tiny girl and the scarf looks quite long even now.


Finished it Saturday, the 25th. Stopped after the 8th section as I’m a small, skinny girl and it’s long enough for me.

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July 25 2017
November 25 2017
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