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December 18 2016
May 21 2017
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Taylor by Novel Reed
Needles & yarn
US 6 - 4.0 mm

Using some no label sock yarn in a fantastic mix of colors. I call this my Wonderworld blouse.
Started the S size. Almost finished with the repeat pattern for the yoke and 3 more rows and it’s time to divide the sleeves.


Finished decreasing the waist, finished increasing the bottom now to knit more in the round until it is long enough to cover everything.


Finished! Short sleeve, because I ran out of yarn. But looks and feels great! I cannot wait to wear it! :D


Changed the sleeves and the bottom. With 3 mm short circular needles I’ve knitted the sleeves up to the elbow and ended with 3 rows of herringbone stitch in the round, made using turquoise yarn. It looks great.
The same herringbone stitch was used for the lower part of the blouse. It prevents rolling and looks great.

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December 18 2016
May 21 2017
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