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March 10 2018
March 16 2018
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Pi Mitts by Rabbit Zielke
KatieSteckles on ravelry
Needles & yarn
US 5 - 3.75 mm
98 yards = 0.36 skeins
DY Choice Fruity DK
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0.32 skeins = 87.5 yards (80.0 meters), 32 grams
Backstitch in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire
March 10, 2018
DY Choice Fruity DK
263 yards in stash
0.04 skeins = 10.9 yards (10.0 meters), 4 grams
Backstitch in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire
March 10, 2018

Katie Steckles is running pi (3.14) kilometres every day in March for Sport Relief, which I found out from her 7-day update here. You can sponsor Katie on her Sport Relief page. 21-day round-up

I made Katie some mitts to run in. On the other side of the π symbol are “some digits of pi” as Katie (very accurately!) described it, and on the other side of Σ is 31 times 3.14, followed by “+n” because Katie has overshot 3.14km a few times already, and I don’t know what the exact final total will be.
In case you don’t know, Wikipedia says:
In mathematics, summation (capital Greek sigma ∑) is the addition of a sequence of numbers; the result is their sum or total.


CO 44 sts. Added 2 sts at beg of row, 4 in between the patterns, 2 at eor.
Worked rib colours, numbers and pi symbol with 4 separate pieces of blue yarn because I didn’t want to carry too far. That made for a lot of ends to weave in, because I split them into 2 plies as the yarn is very silky.
Worked rib as p1, (k2, p2), p1 etc, so my blue yarn wasn’t at eor.


Given to Katie this evening. She likes them, I got a hug :)

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March 10 2018
March 16 2018
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