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Ryðrauð ★
March 4 2016
March 23 2016
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Ryðrauð ★
Ryðrauð / Rusty Cardigan by Steinunn Birna Gudjonsdottir
a milestone birthday and imaginary trip to iceland
Needles & yarn
US 5 - 3.75 mm
US 7 - 4.5 mm
Ístex Plötulopi – Unspun Icelandic
Ístex Plötulopi – Unspun Icelandic

This was by far the most challenging knit i think i’ve ever made. It wasn’t the pattern though, that was clear and lovely, perfectly written and simple to follow. It was the single ply unspun plötulopi that was all at once scary and gorgeous and unnerving to knit with. On instagram I shared a few things I had learned while knitting with this delicate yet sturdy wool..

Things that have helped:
★ gently, loosely, hand wind to a ball ★ always leave slack, unwinding several lengths before knitting (never pull) ★ weave in any ends or tails and mark your beginning (or they will disappear)
★ yarn bowls or any smooth bowl help to lessen tension
★ somehow even though this unspun can pull apart at the slightest tug, when actually making stitches it is very determined. It wants to be knitted. And makes a very beautiful fabric!

also, in making the steek, more notes…

To help with the steek, i put a line of running stitches in white quilting thread, on both sides of the center 2 steek stitches. This helped so much to see what I was doing {black woolly yarn} when it came time to machine stitch for the opening.

Buttons are antler found in Alaska.

★ And Icelandic spring shawl, in the same color way, not intentional but a nice surprise! {shawl kit was purchased a few years ago, still knitting through my stash}. Loved making {and wearing} both of these so much… for a someday trip to Iceland.

Thank you Steinunn Birna,
LOVE this cardigan soo much ★★★★★

*** edited to add: i went to iceland! a few weeks after making this cardigan my husband surprised me with tickets to go over the summer. we went in july (2016) and wore this sweater every day!

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March 4 2016
March 23 2016
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