Braid Hills V1.1, the better one.
October 31, 2013
January 1, 2014

Braid Hills V1.1, the better one.

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Braid Hills by Kate Davies Designs
me, again.
adjusted 3 for 36" bust
Needles & yarn
US 5 - 3.75 mm
Rohrspatz & Wollmeise Merino DK
94 yards in stash
2.8 skeins = 1310.4 yards (1198.2 meters), 560 grams
Rohrspatz & Wollmeise GmbH in Pfaffenhofen an der Ilm, Bayern

Think you have a kind of déjà-vu?
No! Same cardigan, different story, and this time it’s ♥ LOVE, finally!!! ♥
Unreserved and wholeheartedly!

I’m so very happy I decided to rip the first Version of this cardi completely and knit it back up again, thus making it a better and more perfect piece for me.

(Ooh, and the buttons! Love the buttons! Much better than the old ones!)

Long story:
Though I loved (really LOVED) the combination of colour and pattern of my V1.0 I wasn’t very happy with
a) button placement
b) length
c) missing space at the front (and only at the front!) because the cable pattern definitely pulled away width and there were no additional stitches to compensate that (pic to come).

So I ripped all the goodness and all the hours and now I’m re-knitting this lovely and beautiful cardigan, this time trying to adjust the pattern where I think it’s necessary (for me, not necessarily for others).

a) Button placement:
buttonholes are now placed every 16th row > more buttons, less gaping (so far: works well & imho looks better in the springy WM-ribbing!)
I think I will end up with 10 - 11 buttons, which is just fine.

b) Adjusting row count/length:

  • Added 10 rows/~1.3” to decreasing section; 2 rows before decreasing and 2 rows each second repeat, making a 5-7-5-7… decrease section.
  • Added length to the waist (+4 rows/~1/2”)
  • Increase section definitely was too short in V1.0, which lifted the waistline to right beneath my bust. (Though I’m barely 5’4” and don’t have a long torso or something!) Seems to be a problem others ran into, too. Increased as stated in the pattern and then added 3 increases to the front only every 4th row. All in all 15 rows are added to the increase section (~1.75”) Waistline now sits where it belongs.

c) Compensating pull of cable section:
Added 6 extra stitches to each front.
Added 3 increases to the fronts only (see above). Again: This hopefully will result in less gaping.
1 of the extra-stitches of the front was added to the underarm-stitches, remaining extra-stitches were decreased at the neckline.
Will have to adjust neckline a tiny tittle bit because it’s less “square” than in V1.0

Continued working cable section for 8 more rows while working armhole decreases in order to end up with the right row of the cable > higher neckline (~1”).

Because of the higher neckline and more front decreases along it, the neckline now isn’t perfectly square anymore but slightly U-shaped. I’m fine with that, because I often wear blouses and the neckline now is a bit more flattering for what I wear most of the time. The square neckline does look nice with t-shirts or dresses, but it’s not made for blouses with collars. Acceptable for me.

Last buttonhole is one row lower than the rest, which most likely no-one will ever notice. Otherways the collar would have started to pucker, and I’m not in the mood to figure out short-row-shaping on this one.

Many pics, bad pics.
Not my fault, though. If anybody could tell the sun to come out for more than 5 minutes (haven’t seen it for about 3 weeks!), I could have made some decent ones… :/

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October 31, 2013
January 1, 2014
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