Quick Hat, Schnelle Mütze
November 23, 2015
November 23, 2015

Quick Hat, Schnelle Mütze

Project info
Machine Knitting
36 cm long
Tools and equipment
Duomatic 80
1,007 yards = 0.24 skeins
Yeoman Yarns Fifty-Fifty
0.12 skeins = 503.7 yards (460.6 meters), 43 grams
Yeoman Yarns Fifty-Fifty
0.12 skeins = 503.7 yards (460.6 meters), 43 grams

It is getting cold now, so I needed a hat to go with my deco cowl. Started and finished it yesterday and today it already protected me against the early Blackforest cold.
Very simple construction:
Cast on 120 needles on frontbed in 2-2 ribbing formation with cast on comb with the wire in. Cast on is finished after two rows GX/N, SS 6 1/2.
Add corresponding needles for industrial ribbing on backbed. Knit the cast on for industrial ribbing according to Duo 80 manual, but with SS 4.
Knit 170 rows N/N, SS 4 in first colour and 170 rows in second colour.
Transfer backbed needles to front, still in 2:2 ribbing formation. Do two rows GX/N in SS 5 1/2. Knit 10 rows with contrast yarn. Throw off.
With the doubledecker needle insert a double thread of the second colour through the stitches of the last row of the second colour and ravel the contrast colour. Collect the stitches at the beginning where the cast on comb is still in with a tapestry needle on a double thread of the first colour. Take the cast on comb out.
Sew the knitted piece to a long tube with sewing machine.
Pull the threads at each of the two ends together and knot them tightly with a double knot. Push one end into the other. Fold hat as you like it for height and warmth for your ears; although the hat looks very narrow, it is very comfortable and just tight enough for your head. This is because the industrial ribbing gives you an extra of width.
The hat is light but very warm and can be worn doubleface.

The red hat, at the bottom of the picture list, is a single bed version in mock rib. Such a pity, that this sock yarn strongly biasses.

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November 23, 2015
November 23, 2015
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by Yeoman Yarns
50% Wool, 50% Acrylic
4100 yards / 350 grams

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  • Project created: November 24, 2015
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