Summer Top, Sommer Top
May 15, 2017
May 18, 2017

Summer Top, Sommer Top

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Junghans Wolle
Machine Knitting
Tools and equipment
Duomatic 80
Passap Automatic
Vendita Ibiza
Aldi Sued

The yarn runs 140 meters / 50 grams
and I thought it might be a bit too thick for my machines.
However, patterns that leave stitches out like EON, can be knitted with it. I decided for the pattern in “Duomatic 80, Duomatic S”, page 73 bottom with that intriguing cable look. I used SS 5. I like the pattern, but would recommend to knit it with thinner yarn, as I got a “wavy” result. Although I have washed and steamed and even ironed it, it is still not even, but much better than before. I knitted the upper part on my Passap Automatic and the welts by hand.

The second top was made in pretty much the same way as the first one. I took the single bed pattern from the manual and got a smooth result. The selfedges got very wavy however, although the SS for the two BB needles was reduced one number (Fb 5, BB 4).
Ribbing 1:1 this time on the machine worked well and does not stick up. Either side of the pattern is beautiful. The second top was finished May 22nd, 2017.
Also did some single bed test knitting with the aim of knitting “thin” fabric with thicker yarn. I used the suggestions for single bed patterns in the Pfaff Strickertip 2.
Added them plus pictures of my swatch to this project.
Here some explanations
Yellow numbers:
1 = einfaches Bienenwabenmuster (2)
2 = Halbpatent-Effekt (3)
3 = Perlmuster-Effekt (4)
4 = Bienenwabenmuster b) = two colors (1)
5 = Linksweben (5)

Black numbers: The reverse, everybody must decide for themselves what he will take for the good side, I think.
I like them all, except for the “Linksweben”. And you get nice fabric, most of them not very thick. My favorites, as they are the thinnest, are my numbers 2 and 3.
With these there isn’t a problem with edge stitches either. The AX patterns need an extra edge needle on BB at the outmost left. You have to knit N on BB, and I knitted that a number lower than on FB.

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May 15, 2017
May 18, 2017
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Personal pattern (not in Ravelry)
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by Vendita
55% Acrylic, 45% Cotton
147 yards / 50 grams

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