Motifs in a Frame
February 22, 2010
July 31, 2011

Motifs in a Frame

Project info
Diamond motif by Chinami Horiba
Applique / Embellishment
Hooks & yarn
1.5 mm

Finally finished!
I got this idea from an interior magazine (or antique’s, was it?) 18 months ago. I made 5 motifs back then, and made the rest, 6 motifs 2days ago.
mmm…took too many months to finish it, but actual working day was 3days ;P

From the 2nd photo…

A. from Crocheting Is Fun! (かぎ針編みっていいね)
B. Diamond motif by Chinami Horiba
C. no.89 from モチーフ模様編み集(文化出版局)
D. no.106 from モチーフ模様編み集(文化出版局)
E. no.7 from モチーフ模様編み集(文化出版局)
F. no.88 from モチーフ模様編み集(文化出版局)
G. no.77 from モチーフ模様編み集(文化出版局)
H. no.107 from モチーフ模様編み集(文化出版局)
I. Snow flake motif by Chinami Horiba
J. no.52 from モチーフ模様編み集(文化出版局)
K. no.5 from モチーフ模様編み集(文化出版局)

Special thanks to Chinami Horiba for sharing wonderful patterns! She is great!!

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February 22, 2010
July 31, 2011
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