October 15, 2010
October 24, 2010


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Gala Top & Tunic by Hiroko Fukatsu
TopsSleeveless Top
Needles & yarn
US 8 - 5.0 mm
Moda Vera Merino Blend (80/20 Merino/Nylon)
410 yards in stash
5.5 skeins = 902.0 yards (824.8 meters), 275 grams

I highly recommend this beautiful pattern.
I am quite contented with the whole joyful process and the result. Gee, this one is so wearable and comfy!!
I thank to roko for creating and writing out this one!


My gauge: 18sts x 20rws in ss
20sts x 25rws in patt on JP10(5.1mm)
Referring to Roko’s Gala Large. My patt gauge is 125% to hers.
CO, then, needs 118sts. Repeat side patt 18times instead of 11.
Use Cable Cast-on method for stretchy edge

Square-Neck side
23/10 Finally did it! To strengthen the neckline and armhole edges and prevent stretching, I added slip stitch crochet around on the wrong side.
Had 51rows from the armhole.(extra 4rows)

21/10 Came up to before Armhole.
Got 93sts here(!?) Shouldn’t I have more?? Gave inc just before row100 (first aid:P)
Haven’t completed this piece yet, but I sewed up V and Square neck sides together to see how I’m doing so far. Looks like this is turning to be a feathery and comfy tunic.

19/10 Cable Co 99sts.
Needs extra 20sts(125%) …26sts(+8)for the centre patt, 12sts(+2x2s)for a side, 14sts(+2x4c)for a cable
真ん中を18から26(+8)、サイドを10から12(+2x2=+4)、ケーブルを各2目増し12から14(+2x4=+8) これで20目(125%)、どうなることやら…

V-Neck side
19/10 Done with V-neck side. Kept doing decreases at the neck sides till 17sts(14stsx125%) left on each needles. The last dec row was 37.
knitted up to 45 rows. Have left yarn for adjusting later. After trying it on, I knitted another 6rows.(51rows from the armhole)

18/10 98sts before armhole shaping

16/10 Wow, how irresistible!!!! Somebody, stop me!!
Did extra decreases for the line, following Roko’s way.There are 114sts before Row 17.

15/10 I’ll go with tunic length.

イメージ あまりカチッとならないでソフトな雰囲気。首周りはすっきり、アームホールは腕の付け根周りが強調されないようにしたい。

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October 15, 2010
October 24, 2010
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