Tina's Beaded Ties Shawl
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August 11, 2011
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Tina's Beaded Ties Shawl

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#B55 Shawl with Beaded Ties (bonus pattern for subscribers) by Verena Design Team
Neck / TorsoShawl / Wrap
Needles & yarn
Lana Grossa Lace Lux
339 yards in stash
0.5 skeins = 169.5 yards (155.0 meters), 25 grams
Lana Grossa
June 17, 2011

The pattern’s not the easiest to understand for someone who’s about amateurishly comfortable with lace. But once I figured it out, it made sense and muddled through quickly enough.

What I don’t understand is why the pattern isn’t symmetrical. Why is there a line of wide circles on one half, and a line of small, tight circles opposite to the wide ones? I don’t get it… I mean that’s what the pattern called for…

August 24th: done knitting. Now I need to crochet a bunch of stuff and make a bead string and, basically, finish the bugger. Blurg.

July 31, 2018

I hate this pattern. I can’t wear the shawl because it’s not symmetrical. My cast-on and bind-off edges are too different from one another. I never actually did all of the finishing. And the yarn is too lovely to waste on a terrible thing I’ll never wear. FROGGED.

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This project is an UGH!
August 11, 2011
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by Lana Grossa
67% Rayon, 33% Wool
339 yards / 50 grams

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