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Odetta Mitts
November 3 2017
November 19 2017
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Odetta Mitts
Odetta by Dallas Ann Prentice
Needles & yarn
US 4 - 3.5 mm
US 5 - 3.75 mm
HiKoo® by skacel CoBaSi
1 skein = 220.0 yards (201.2 meters), 50 grams
The Fiber Universe
January 2016
madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light
52 yards in stash

I’m doing my first test knit. It’s public so I can talk about it a bit. I actually started on Friday with making gauge swatches. Apparently I knit even tighter than I realized. I was finally able to cast on today (Sunday). The bottom pic is the colors I plan to use. Two of them I have no clue what brand or anything of yarn they are. I only remember I picked them up at my local Joann’s because they were pretty. The CoBaSi I bought to do heels/cuffs on socks for my oldest son, but I no longer know what colorway it is.

So far this has been a nice quick project (other than the swatching). I’m about to start the color work. The top picture is my progress so far.


DAY 2: Didn’t accomplish much today. Found a bit where the pattern conflicts with itself, and I’m stuck until I get an official ruling. Oh well, that’s what test knitting is for. I’m not gonna do a pic today.


DAY 3: I got my answer and was able to work hard today and make up for lost time. I’m a bit ahead of schedule now. I love the way the colorwork is working out. It’s been really fun to knit. I tried it on and it’s fitting well. I like the CoBaSi. It feels nice and soft, but not too thick or hot.


DAY 4: I knit my goal number of rows today. It’s looking great. Not really much to say. Took today’s pic with better lighting.


DAY 5: Today was rougher. I got my goal rows done easy enough, then realized I’d missed an important step and had to frog and redo over half of them. I also realized I don’t have the right needles for one part, so I ordered them and my left mitt is done except the thumb. Right mitt will be started tomorrow.


DAY 6: Today was mostly a bust. I tried to cast on the 2nd mitt 3 times. I did finally succeed the last time. The first 2 I kept getting interrupted and losing my place. I had decided to try a tubular cast one for the first time, so I was having difficulty reading the knitting to figure it out again. I did not accomplish as much as I had hoped.


DAY 7: Today I got a lot of knitting time, much of it on a road trip. I made up for yesterday and got done what I wanted to accomplish today. However I had 2 row where my stitch counts seemed to be off. I couldn’t find the issue in the car in the dark, so I’ll look at it tomorrow, might be a pattern error.


DAY 8: Looked at it again. Yep I got my thumb gusset off by one stitch again. I frogged several rows and got them redone, but only got 2 of the rows for today done. I’m a bit behind where I want to be, but I still have time to finish.


DAY 9: Sick today. Did nothing.


DAY 10: I forgot to get a picture, but I finished my goal today. I didn’t make up any extra, but I’m still on course to finish this week.


I got a lot done today, but I forgot to take a pic. I’ve only got a couple more rows of ribbing and the thumbs on both mitts to do.


DAY 12: I mostly finish both mitts today. I still need to weave in all the ends. One thing I did, that is technically bad practice is that I used different cast-ons and bind offs on each, but a good way to practice and I don’t expect anyone will be looking close enough to notice or care if they do.

Left Mitt: Long-tail Ribbing Cast on, SSK Bind Off (although I did it from written instructions for the hand, and then watched a video for the thumb and they are different, so I either misunderstood the written directions or there are two with that name.)
Right Mitt: Tubular Cast On and Bind Off


Day 13: Rest Day. Did nothing.


DAY 14: Wove in all the ends and gave the mitts a sock. They are currently blocking.


DAY 15: Finished blocking. Waiting for my husband to have a chance to get some good final pictures of them.


DAY 17:Finally got pictures. I am done. Can’t wait to use them.

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November 3 2017
November 19 2017
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