Gusset Heel Camo Dead Simple Lace Socks
March 13, 2011
March 20, 2011

Gusset Heel Camo Dead Simple Lace Socks

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Gusset Heel Basic Socks by Wendy D. Johnson
Feet / LegsSocksMid-calf
L (72 st)
Needles & yarn
US 0 - 2.0 mm
US 1 - 2.25 mm
US 1½ - 2.5 mm
Regia 4-fädig 4-ply Color
2 skeins = 460.0 yards (420.6 meters), 100 grams

I am going to combine the toe, sole and instep from the Basic Gusset Heel Sock pattern and the instep and leg stitch patterning (or slight variation and redesign thereof) from the Dead Simple Lace Socks pattern.

See my blog (and the photos here) for my weird pedantic stitch pattern obsessions and redesign thoughts.

Please note that the “Weird extra K st” in the chart photos that I have attached to this project is only so labelled because I personally find that stitch ‘weird’ – because I am a pedantic obsessive weirdo!

Starting gusset on row 2 of the stitch pattern after 7.75” of foot (including the toe). Still using 2 mm circular needle (magic-loop).

Started the gusset after 7.75” of foot.

It turns out that, after knitting the gusset and heel I am going to need to rip it back and knit that portion on slightly larger needles. I wonder if I have a 2.25 circ or that I will need to use 2.5 mm. Also, next/this time I will start the gusset so that the increases on the sole needle happen at the same time as row 1 of the pattern on the instep instead of row 2.

The pattern per 36st that I worked out is:

Row 1:
k2, k2tog, yo, k, yo, ssk, k4, k2tog, yo, k, yo, ssk, k4, k2tog, yo, k, yo, ssk, k4, k2tog, yo, k, yo, ssk, k2


Something I have realised about my redesign of the stitch pattern is that having k2 before the first 5st lace pattern group and after the last means that, once I am knitting the pattern on the shin and calf of the leg there will be k4 at the sides. I also, coincidentally but conveniently, have k4 between each pattern group!

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March 13, 2011
March 20, 2011
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