Sergio's Turtleneck
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January 5, 2011
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Sergio's Turtleneck

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Weekend Turtleneck by Drew Emborsky
Men's XL
Hooks & yarn
Lion Brand Jiffy Solid
8 skeins = 1080.0 yards (987.6 meters), 680 grams
Hartsdale Fabrics
December 30, 2010

Chest: 40.5”
Back Neck to Hip: 27.5”
Sergio requested the XL even though his Chest is a M and his back is an XL. He wants the extra room in his chest. I’m surprised the back measurement is long enough, sweaters always seem short on him.

Gauge swatch done and it’s an exact match with the K hook. Time to start.

1/6/2011: Ooops. Didn’t count after the first row for about 10 rows and when I did, I had gained a whole bunch of stitches. Very tough to frog. Took it back down to the ribbing and I’m one stitch over, but that’s ok. Will keep a closer eye on it this time around. That’s why when I held it up to Sergio it looked like it could have fit my much heavier father and was about 3 sizes too big for him. It all makes sense now.

1/8/2011: I hope I can pick up this pace on this one. It’s getting pretty boring.

Finished the back… and realized I probably don’t have enough yarn. :(

11/12/2011: Frogged it all and will start again. I hadn’t finished the edge correctly. Should have done the last DC in the turning chain. When I saw the picture of the edge I knew I would have to start again. Want to finish this weekend.

11/13: Got through the back and half of the front.

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In progress
January 5, 2011
work in progress
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