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Lyra shawl
April 19 2014
July 10 2014
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Lyra shawl
Lyra by Herbert Niebling
Needles & yarn
US 2 - 2.75 mm
US 3 - 3.25 mm
The YarnSisters Black Pearl
1019 yards in stash
0.9 skeins = 833.4 yards (762.1 meters), 90 grams
Twisted Sisters

Debated the octagon shape like on the back of the LACIS pattern, but will probably go with the circle instead. A little safer yarn-wise. Yarn was won during the Indie Designer Gift-a-long of 2013!

4/29: Just finished row 85 and then noticed nintu’s chart to avoid binding of the leaves. It can be found on her project page here. I might have to tink back five rows. :(

5/1: Yep, it took me a whole evening to unknit those five rows. But I am glad I decided to do it. Something like this is worth doing right. And once I looked for it, the tightness started to bother me on other photos. I am on row 83 and am still on my first little mini skein of 300 yds.

5/5: I keep having to rip stuff out! Gah! I need to start paying attention…

5/11: Went up to a 3.25mm on round 113 for the circular version. Started row 123.

5/20: On row 146. Trying to do at least two rounds a day. A couple minor mistakes in the revised chart. On row107, they are kfb, not k1yok1. And there should be another yo in row 131. I am a tiny bit into my third mini skein. So still on the first half of my yarn.

7/8: Mostly finished the knitting quite a while ago. I decided to bead the bind-off. I’m using TOHO 6/0 beads. I am adding them on the SC and the 6th chain of the crochet edging. I ran out of beads halfway and desperately searched for more. I finally found some, but have to wait for them to arrive!

7/11: Blocking! I found a widening hole where I dropped a stitch on the bind-off. Thankfully it hadn’t gone far. I am just going to sew it back into place. Phew. This really just took a little more than a month of active knitting.

Yardage approximate, but less than one “skein” (one box/skein contains three small hanks). I guess I could have made the octagon!

Was supposed to be a bridal veil, but now it is most likely just a shawl. Don’t ask! :) But if I ever get married, I’ll add pretty wedding pictures.

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April 19 2014
July 10 2014
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