"I Knit For Folk Art" sweater
February 27, 2010
May 12, 2010

"I Knit For Folk Art" sweater

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Dad's Cardigan by Patons
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US 6 - 4.0 mm
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Patons North America Classic Wool Worsted
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February 22, 2010

My brother has given me a beautiful folk art table he made (visible here when you click on “the fireplace” photo). This sweater is my “thank you.” It was a tough knit (for me) at times. But it came out really nice and fits well. The only issue on the fit to watch out for is that it’s tighter than I would have hoped for through the shoulders.

I am making a “medium” (the pattern has it labeled a 2nd small??)

Errata: the C2F and C2B abbreviations are described wrong. Instead of what is written, do C2F as “knit in front of 2nd stitch, then into 1st, then both off.” For C2B I’m doing “Knit into back of 2nd stitch, then front of 1st, then both off.”

Another key abbreviation is wrong. Instead of what is written, T4F should be: slip next 2 sts onto cable and leave at front of work, PURL 2, then KNIT 2 from cable needle.

The rice stitch is set up assymetrically, so on the right side row, you start with a purl, then knit one through the back loop, you work 5 panels, and then you start rice stitch again, starting with a knit through the back loop, then purl. If you get mixed up at any point, the knit through the back loop lines up with the row of vertical twisted stitches (the ones that “pop”).

4/1/10: Left fronts finished. I modified the decreases at the v-neck side. Instead of decreasing one stitch at the edge, every 6 rows, nine times, I kept that spacing, but decreased on the inner edge of the two sets of twist stitches. It seemed to me that it would look better to have that nice double twist not be nibbled away at those intervals.

4/7/10: Right front finished. There is a minor discontinuity in the pattern. On the left side pocket, the pattern directs you to work a “total” of 37 rows--which I took to mean from the point just after the rib where the patterning starts. But on the right front the pattern keeps referring to a “further 37 rows” (when you’ve already done 6 rows after the ribbing.) I matched the 2 sides.

5/1/10: Sleeves completed. I knit the sleeves at the same time to be sure they came out identical.

5/9/10: Button band: I didn’t think knitting a 9 stitch ribbed button band and then sewing it on seemed a good idea, though that’s what the pattern called for. With some help from the pattern forum here on Ravelry, I decided to knit the button band on as I knitted along. I picked up (and knit) stitches all the way around where the band goes. Then I cast on 9 on a separate needle. I did P1 K1 4 times, then purled two together (the last stitch of the nine and picked one off the picked up bunch). Then, turn and rib 9. Since there is a 2 needle size difference between the band and the sweater, I picked up one stitch for each row (224 stitches in all).

Note: The pattern called for ten skeins of Patons Classic Wool for this size. I only needed less than eight.

Paton’s has posted errata on this on their website. To find it, click to the pattern here on Ravelry. There’s a link to the general errata page marked by a yellow triangle here on Rav. Follow the link and then head to the right side menu with a list of pattern booklet numbers. Choose “500950.” Then under the “Select pattern name” button on the bottom right, choose “Dad and Me Cardigan.” (There are still some errors they haven’t yet picked up, though--like the cables being described wrong in the abbreviations section.)

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February 27, 2010
May 12, 2010
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