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Mitered Crosses Blanket for Andrea
June 14 2011
May 26 2012
Project info
Mitered Crosses Blanket for Andrea
Mitered Crosses Blanket FOR MERCY CORPS by Kay Gardiner
approimately 39"x65"
Needles & yarn
US 8 - 5.0 mm
2,425 yards
Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Worsted
190 yards in stash
9 skeins = 1710.0 yards (1563.6 meters), 1017 grams
0329 Secods (7 skeins) 0330 (3 skeins)
Pollywogs in Wayland, New York
May 29, 2011
Noro Kureyon(くれよん)
385 yards in stash
6.5 skeins = 715.0 yards (653.8 meters), 325 grams
Little Knits in Seattle, Washington
June 14, 2011

Received this pattern as a birthday gift from SeahagMary because she’s awesome :)

I’ve figured each square is taking 25g of Noro and 50g of Lamb’s Pride.

I’m slipping the first stitch of each row to make picking up stitches easier. I’m also weaving/knitting in ends as I go in hopes of not having a bajillion to do at the end.

After completing six squares, I’ve kind of accepted the fact that I want a larger blanket and am now going to aim for 18 squares (three rows of 4 and two rows of three with two half squares). It’s definitely taking me longer than I had hoped but it has been but on the back burner several times due to all sorts of other “responsibilities”.

This is becoming one of those projects that seem to never change or progress. At this point, if I were to use the pattern schematics (10 full squares, 4 half squares) I would be almost finished. I’m kind of leaning towards this since I kind of just want it to be over. That and I’m imagining all the finishing work that is going to go into this. Once I get the fourth half square done and can lay them all out, I think I’ll have a good idea of how much bigger I want it, or if that is good enough.

Laid all the squares out today thinking I was done, and it’s too short. I’ll need to add a fifth row of three squares if it’s to work as a lap blanket for both me and my husband. Three more squares to go then.

I have only one full and one half square left (for real, this time). I figured though since I had some time tonight I’d go ahead and block all the squares that are done. They’re all pinned out on my guest bed, drying. Once this final piece is done, I can block it separately while I start to join all the squares.

ALL SQUARES ARE FINALLY DONE. I decided on five rows, three rows of three squares and two rows of two squares with two half squares.

Spent all afternoon seaming and only joined two full rows.

All squares are joined. I’m working on weaving in all the loose ends from the joining. Hopefully I’ll get to start the I-cord tonight.

Only 3 more square sides of I-cord left. I have a feeling this will be done rather soon!

All done! I finished the I-cord on the way to the fiber festival and grafted it together once I got home! The whole project turned out better than I had hoped and I’m pretty relieved that it’s finally done!

Squares completed (5/20): 13 of 13
Half squares completed (5/16): 4 of 4

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June 14 2011
May 26 2012
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