First Inkle Weaving
June 4, 2010
June 10, 2010

First Inkle Weaving

Project info
Tools and equipment
Aunt Lydia's Classic 10 Crochet Thread
300 yards in stash
P & S Fabrics in New York City, New York
July 13, 2009

20100614- finished the fourth one, didn’t do very well, but it’s ok. need to work on lots of stuff, but for a first weaving, when I was expecting to work on a RH long before an inkle, I claim this a very successful project. now to plan the next one!
20100610, pm- blink i’m done! cut off quick so that i could fix peg A which was very very loose. (and to prevent myself from warping again right away!) (there are four bookmark/samplers of plain weave)
20100609, pm- wondering if I’ll finish sample #3. Tried to find some instructions for picking up patterns, but I think my warp is too variegated for that. It’s ok. I love the simplicity yet the deep visual complexity this thread creates.
20100608, pm- curious how far I can get in five minutes. Very pleased.
20100604, early pm- this is addictive!
20100604,am- warped easier than I expected. Don’t have a proper shuttle so “making do” with my pickup stick and various odds and ends for the beater. My old heath insurance card (why do they send us new ones each year?) bent in half seems to be working well. I need to a) figure out how to properly tie the first and last ends of the warp and b) work on selvedges. I’m not a huge fan of the colours I’m using but it was earmarked for bookmarks years ago…

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June 4, 2010
June 10, 2010
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by Aunt Lydia's
Thread, size 10
100% Cotton
350 yards / 60 grams

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