E's bday sweater v 3.0
November 26, 2009
November 28, 2010

E's bday sweater v 3.0

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Seamless Set-In Sleeve by Barbara G. Walker
E's 30th birthday
Needles & yarn
US 3 - 3.25 mm
1,251 yards = 12 skeins
Knit Picks Telemark
438 yards in stash
11.75 skeins = 1210.3 yards (1106.7 meters), 587 grams
Knit Picks
Knit Picks Telemark
62 yards in stash
0.4 skeins = 41.2 yards (37.7 meters), 20 grams
Knit Picks

Detail Guidance: Hemmed vNeck (my how-to).

2010-12-30- giving up that i’ll get really good modelled shots. marking this as done since he wore it today, without my prompting. :)
20101212- done for the second time. let’s hope this is it!
20101209- reknitting the sleeves, if i can just unpick this awesome finishing job i did for him. he’s a good boy so his sleeves don’t have to be too long. (he’s excited i can “fix” it. hasn’t he learned yet?)
20101128, 4:45pm DONE !! just needs a bath.
20101124- maths for sleeve decreases works out perfectly. just realized that i might be able to finish this a year-to-the-day (famous last words) will i make it? gonna park myself in front of either tv or audio books (tv unlike me, audio books a growing trend) and knit knit knit, decrease until I hit 18ish inches then purl then knit the hem then seam, weave in the last bit of ends and DONE! (i think there is also this thing called nanowrimo too. i’m screwed, who needs sleep?)
20101120, pm- finished hem of v-neck. looks awesome. now for the sleeves… so i’m going to start his socks instead. :)
20101118- hem has been sewn down! now for the v-neck. :)
20101117, 9pm- the hem has been turned. needle has been dropped down a size. k4p1 ribbing and flame heather have been started. still have the neckline and two sleeves.
20101117- uhm, maybe it was way inaccurate.. current measurement -- on floor not scrunched on a dresser stop means that i have at least SIX INCHES before i turn that hem. SIGH
(later) E came home and we measured and guess what. now it’s fine. we double checked. I’ll knit one more round for safety sake and then turn the hem. WHIPEE!!
20101116- how’s this for accurate measurement? now less than one thumb length away from turning the hem!
20101113- nine inches of body length.
20101109, am- very slow knitter this morning. only .5” added to body. May do 1-2 sets of decreases, probably not as am at target for his ideal size.
20101108- still at target tension of 21st/28row = 4”. woot.
Target body length is approx 15” from underarm.
One ball & one commute puts me at about 2.5” in.
Current guess is that i’ll need 5 more for body.
Debating if I’ll put some minor decreases in a la BGW’s note somewhere about boys & straight bodies & boys & slight decreasing
20101107- took it as car knitting and finished sleeve caps, combined the vneck, and am now set to cruise through miles of stockinette body. all after some stressful recalculations that proved my maths were correct. whew put it on two long circs and had him try it on and he seemed pleased. i’m worried the v is too deep, but hopefully i can hide that with a nice finishing. hmm. how to finish it? was planning on hemmed cuffs & waist, what to do for the V? i think a overlapped V is too feminine (he could pull it off)? what does one pair?
20100130- started sleeve cap. stopped and measured late friday and happy i did because i was closer to this part than i thought! held it up to him and it looks like it’ll fit well.
20100129- fronts slowly growing and coming together. Goal is to be past sleeves and v-neck by his b-day.
200991212- finished back shoulder shaping. Need to ball more yarn and start the fronts.
20091209- CO and made it through 5 rows.
20091201- 21st/28row=4”
20091126- swatched. washed. blocked. Need to move boxes so I can get at where I put it to safely dry. Oh the joy of moving house.

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November 26, 2009
November 28, 2010
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