E's Sweater 2012
October 15, 2012
October 16, 2013

E's Sweater 2012

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Seamless Set-In Sleeve by Barbara G. Walker
Needles & yarn
US 2 - 2.75 mm
Valley Yarns Cotton 3/2
857 yards in stash
1.32 skeins = 1663.2 yards (1520.8 meters), 599 grams
WEBS - America's Yarn Store in Northampton, Massachusetts
October 16, 2012

2013.10.16 - finished, all ends sewn down & woven, blocked, etc.. as of 20131118 i’ve yet to get a pic of him wearing it. he has. he didn’t wear it to rhinebeck but he’s worn it around the house. i’m not pleased with my sleeve caps but that’s because i miscalculated ROW gauge a little. SIGH marking this finished because i’m tired of it sitting in my WIP pile.
2013.10.15, 625a- FINISHED KNITTING! still need to sew down sleeve hems & weave in ends.
2013.10.15, 915p- first sleeve hemmed. thankful the kitten napped through it.
2013.10.14, 10a- switched to one-at-a-time knitting for the cuffs. first is done but not hemmed down. waiting for E to return home tonight to try it on and confirm length.
2013.10.06- sleeves are growing. I wish it were faster, but maybe the end is in sight.
2013.09.16- Finally put the sleeves on the needles and triple checked all the maths.
2013.04.14- Happy Anniversary dear - here’s the sweater still unfinished but with a bottom hem and the v-neck complete. Let the sleeves commence!
Note: I wish I had Miriam's matching folded hem tutorial while I was finishing the body hem. This is a nice way to do the bind-off hem! (plan to use for sleeves)
2013.03.03- after an additional 2.5 hours in the car rough guesstimate is that I only need another 3” of body before I turn the hem. Might I finish the body before our Anniversary? (April 14)?
2013.02.03- 33 hours to-date.
2013.01.27- car knitting time has been few and far between. very slowly the body grows.
2012.12.29- split sleeves. now miles of stockinette and to decide faux seam.
2012.12.26- progress when you actually WORK on it.. joined v-neck tonight. Now with less purling. YAY! :)
2012.11.12- in the black hole of set-in sleeve cap and v-neck increases.
Finally added in the pattern info. Really need to determine at what point a knit goes from using these recipes and becomes “mine”.
Will update photo after I join the v-neck. Since it’s black it’ll be a load of fun to photograph.
2012.11.08- very slow progress but progress.
2012.10.22- did most of the maths, need to measure row gauge. my notes indicate I disregarded exact measurements and cast on 17” instead of 15.5” for the back last time.
2012.10.21- knitting notebooks found. swatch is now unsure of stitch count. will swatch again, bigger. also, where are all my 3.25mm needles?
adore fabric with 2.75mm so will use this. Stitch count averages (after I had to (of course) wash the swatch out with Soak so it would stop lying) that the SPI = 6.2.
2012.10.20- yarn received.
2012.10.16- yarn ordered.

2012.10.15- He decided on a yarn. He disclosed his desired style (v-neck). He chose a colour (black).
Swatch: 3.25mm & stash dark teal.

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October 15, 2012
October 16, 2013
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