Slanted Rib Jacket
April 14, 2016
April 16, 2016

Slanted Rib Jacket

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Slanted Rib Jacket by Nancy Roberts
Machine Knitting
Tools and equipment
Knitmaster 360
37 stitches and 54 rows = 4 inches
in stockinette
cashmere merino

I have had this pattern for a while and after seeing a lovely version of it on Facebook I decided to take the bull by the horns and make one for myself. The small tension gauge put me off having a go

My yarn was not quite right for this design, more of a fine 3 ply so getting gauge was almost impossible

I used a delicious blend from a seller on Ebay, sadly it seems that this yummy colourway has all sold out

Cashmere/Merino Fleck yarn

I used the best part of 2 x 250g cones of this yarn

Even though my gauge was a bit bigger using TD4 I persevered and only had a very small ball of yarn left over for the medium size. I don’t think that this yarn would enjoy being knitted any tighter but I might have a go in a 2ply cotton yarn next as I love the shape

I always worry about doing vast expanses of rib on the knitting machine, as I have had a few problems with the yarn getting caught up at the edges in the past. This was no exception and I did get caught up a couple of times but I chose to ignore the tucks and just carry on. The tucks were only on the right hand edge, which is the edge that gets sewn onto the main pieces. I fudged it and as the yarn is a little bit boucle the uneven edges were hidden a little

I love it, it came out bigger than the photo shows you in the pattern but I think it will be a lovely addition to my wardrobe

Every piece went together really well

I added 50 rows of rib instead of the hem at the cuffs, glad I did as my bigger version seems to fit the ribby cuffs

I used the best part of 2 x 250g cones of this yarn

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April 14, 2016
April 16, 2016
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