waving walnut
March 31, 2011
June 3, 2011

waving walnut

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Waving Lace Socks by Evelyn A. Clark
Feet / LegsSocksMid-calf
Needles & yarn
US 1 - 2.25 mm
Cherry Tree Hill Yarn Supersock Select
420 yards in stash
black walnut 2 - 2011

Used my 2nd black walnut experiment - cth supersock select base. 10-day-old Lily of the Valley assisting with photo session.

This yarn looks edible - I love it!
(The color in last picture is totally wrong, but it shows the cuff and heel nicely, so I’m leaving it up.)

This project is a reaction to knitting the mushy green socks - immediately cast on more socks, looking for clear stitch definition and a pretty pattern.
Ripped back heel as written and switched to stockinette and purls to maintain the flow of the leg pattern. 30 rows for heel flap.
maintaining st pattern on instep, beg with row 11 for heel gussett. dec every other row; end dec on row 9 of pattern.

mid-April: suddenly realized the foot of the 2nd sock has 68 - not 64 - stitches. What the what? Ripped back to heel gusset and continued decreases to 64.

1 May: both socks done to beginning of toe, ending on Row 10 of pattern. K 2 rows. Begin decrease rounds.

5 May: almost done both socks, but I only get a chance to knit about one day/week, it seems.

3 June: finally pulled this project out of the basket only to discover that the socks were about 20 minutes from finished…duh! Now done :)

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March 31, 2011
June 3, 2011
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by Cherry Tree Hill Yarn
100% Merino
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