Florina for Ravellenic Games
July 27, 2012
August 20, 2012

Florina for Ravellenic Games

Project info
Florina by Darlene Hayes
Needles & yarn
Habu Textiles N-46 Cotton Nerimaki Slub
6 skeins = 648.0 yards (592.5 meters), 168 grams

Pattern mods:

  • body 2” longer than pattern
  • sleeves about 1/2 long

I’ve now finished the fronts up to the start of the sleeves.

A few thoughts:

  • you knit this sweater on faith - it looks like it will fit an 8-year-old at the moment (blocking will change things
  • it’s easy to drop stitches. I’ve knit a ton, but this yarn will slip off a needle and you won’t necessarily notice. Count stitches every few rows.
  • Yarn management is essential. This yarn is a single, meaning it has energized twist. If it gets in contact with the other yarn for the front, it will start plying. I managed this by keeping the yarns on opposite sides of me while knitting.
  • Some things you have to think through. The increases for the shawl collar should be done a stitch or two inside the edge.

I’m switching this up a bit for my figure - as a shorter rounder woman, I’m making the body longer and the sleeves 3/4 length.

8/6/12 - Nearing the halfway point. The knitting is going better (hardly any dropped stitches), and I think the second half, which will be knit in one piece, will go significantly faster. Still touch and go to finish by the end of the games.

8/8/12 - I just finished the front, and have linked together the fronts to knit the back. I’m behind for finishing by the closing ceremonies, so we’ll see if I can pull this one out.

I used a cable cast-on to add the stitches for the sleeves to give a little more stability to the sweater. If you choose this cast-on, make sure to do it loosely so it doesn’t pull in too much.

8/15/12 - Obviously, I did not finish by the end of the Olympics. It was going to be a cray-cray all night knit to do so, and it is only a sweater.

The sleeves are done, and I’m half-way down the back, adding in an inch of extra room on the back to have some drape. Hopefully will finish this weekend, since I have 3 sweaters on the needles at the moment, plus a shawl!

8/17/2012 - knitting is done, I had plenty of yarn. Now to block it so I can sew it up.

8/20/2012 - blocking is done - definitely use blocking wires for this. Sweater now looks the right size. Will try to sew up tonight (basically two seams plus the neck grafting and sewing)

Sweater sewn, not that hard. Size is good, will try to get photos tomorrow.

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July 27, 2012
August 20, 2012
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