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Arcadia Test
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September 24, 2019
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Arcadia Test
Arcadia by Helen Shrimpton
A dear friend! The baby version is for baby Gracie
Full size 51 inches square/ Throw size 32 inches square
Hooks & yarn
4.0 mm (G)
4,535 yards
Caron Simply Soft
2 skeins = 630.0 yards (576.1 meters), 340 grams
Caron Simply Soft
0.5 skeins = 157.5 yards (144.0 meters), 85 grams
Red Heart Fashion Soft
3 skeins = 1155.0 yards (1056.1 meters), 423 grams
AC Moore
Red Heart Fashion Soft
1 skein = 385.0 yards (352.0 meters), 141 grams
AC Moore
Red Heart Soft Prints
0.5 skeins = 102.0 yards (93.3 meters), 56 grams
Stitch Studio by Nicole Storybook Lullaby
3 skeins = 795.0 yards (726.9 meters), 420 grams
AC Moore
Stitch Studio by Nicole Storybook Lullaby
3 skeins = 795.0 yards (726.9 meters), 420 grams
AC Moore
Yarn Bee Soft & Sleek Solids l when used.
2 skeins = 516.0 yards (471.8 meters), 284 grams
Linen ( this is a light tan)
Hobby Lobby

Testing a new pattern for Helen Shrimpton. I made two blankets… the baby size one in bright pinks and the throw/blanket in fall oranges! Any one that has worked one of Helen’s patterns knows she uses wonderful texture and she sure doesn’t disappoint with this one. One thing I am always amazed with is Helen’s ability to take simple stitches and combine them into something so beautiful. A good example of this is the center. V stitches and popcorn’s are combined to create one of the prettiest and different centers ever. This blanket would certainly look great in ether solids or lots of colors. I had fun making this one bright…real bright! This pattern was designed to make a full size blanket or can be stopped at round 59 to be ether a baby blanket or a lap throw. My throw/Baby blanket measured approximately 32 inches square using DK yarn. The full version measured out to 51 inches square. I will say I crochet tight. Counting is always impotent and I found most rounds of this really depended on an accurate stitch count from the previous round so do always count. There is also several hdc and they are notorious for having hidden stitch so watch for that.
I tried to add a description of the colors above so they could be substituted easily.

Color sequence
Round 1 bright orange Round 2-3 Tan Round 4-5 Cream Round 6-7 Peach
Round 8-9 Blue Round 10-14 Cream
Round 15 Blue Round 16 Tan
Round 17 Peach Round 18 Bright Orange
Round 19 multi Round 20-21 Red
Round 22 Brown Round 23 Peach
Round 24 Bright Orange Round 25 Brown Round 26 Red Round 27 Tan
Round 28 Blue Round 29 Tan
Round 30-34 Cream
Round 35 Peach Round 36 Bright Orange Round 37 Peach Round 38 Bright Orange Round 39 Peach Round 40 Bright Orange Round 41-44 Cream Round 45 Tan
Round 46-47 Peach Round 48 Bright Orange Round 49 Tan Round 50-52 Blue
Round 53 Multi Round 54 Cream
Round 55 Brown Round 56-58 Red
Round 59 Multi
Round 60 Cream Round 61 Peach
Round 62 Bright Orange Round 63-64 Cream
Round 65-67 Tan Round 68 -70 Cream
Round 71 Peach Round 72 Cream
Round 73-74 Blue Round 75 Tan
Round 76-77 Blue Round 78 Cream
Round 79 Peach Round 80-81 Bright Orange
Round 82-84 Cream Round 85 Tan
Round 86-87 Red Round 88 Cream
Round 89-90 Peach Round 91 Bright Orange Round 92 Red
Finished size 51 inches square

I also make this blanket in Baby colors.

I used..

Baby Pink from Bernat
Powder pink a light pink but darker then the baby pink from Stitch studio at AC Moore
Carnation a med pink also from AC Moore
Princess Pink a dark pink, almost Fuchsia from AC Moore
Robin Egg a baby blue
Baby variegated from Caron Simply Soft

It would be easy to gather four different pinks that complement each other and go with them, tossing in the green, blue and variegated as they come up

Color sequence for Baby Arcadia
Round 1 Bright Pink..Fuchsia
Round 2-3 Baby Pink
Round 4 Mint Round 5 Powder pink.. light pink
Round 6-7 Blue Round 8 Powder Pink
Round 9 Variegated Round 10 powder Pink
Round 11-14 Baby Pink Round 15 Powder Pink
Round 16 Carnation
Round 17 Bright Pink
Round 18 Carnation Round 19 Variegated
Round 20 Blue Round 21 Baby Pink
Round 22 powder pink Round 23 Carnation
Round 24 Bright pink Round 25 Powder Pink
Round 26 Carnation Round 27 Baby Pink
Round 28 Bright Pink Round 29-34 Baby pink
Round 35 Powder Pink Round 36 Variegated Round 37 Powder Pink Round 38 Variegated
Round 39 Powder Pink Round 40 Bright Pink
Round 41-44 Baby Pink Round 45 Carnation
Round 46-47 Bright Pink Round 28 Carnation
Round 49 Variegated Round 50 Blue
Round 51-52 Mint Round 53-54 Baby pink
Round 55 Powder Pink Round 56 Carnation Round 57-59 Bright pink
Finished size using a (G) 4.0 mm hook 32x32

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September 24, 2019
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