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Sweet Tangerine Dreams TEST
January 18, 2018
February 16, 2018
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Sweet Tangerine Dreams TEST
My Nameless ..... by Helen Shrimpton
For my guest room !
70 inches across
Hooks & yarn
5.5 mm (I)
Caron Simply Soft
1.5 skeins = 472.5 yards (432.1 meters), 255 grams
Caron Simply Soft
2 skeins = 630.0 yards (576.1 meters), 340 grams
Caron Simply Soft
1.5 skeins = 472.5 yards (432.1 meters), 255 grams
Caron Simply Soft
1.5 skeins = 472.5 yards (432.1 meters), 255 grams
Caron Simply Soft
Caron Simply Soft
4 skeins = 1260.0 yards (1152.1 meters), 680 grams
Caron Simply Soft
1 skein = 315.0 yards (288.0 meters), 170 grams
Caron Simply Soft Solids
0.75 skeins = 236.3 yards (216.0 meters), 127 grams
Plum Wine

I am so honored to be chosen to test the latest design by Helen Shrimpton. As most of you know, Helen’s patterns are without compare and this is no exception. All this texture is a bit new to me so it will be a real learning experience. Round 35 is the start of the f
Round 1-6 goes well. Round 7 is the Puff Daisy round. Not hard to make but take your time and check that each daisy has the right amount of petals. Note I had to redo mine because my sc in the first puff wasn’t tight enough. All the other puffs are crocheted into this so it needs to start tight. My first few looked great but as I went the center of the daisy’s were getting larger as the sc was looser and allowing it to open more. Just keep an eye on them as you go. I admit I made round 9 harder then it needed to be. Remember you have a ch 2 behind the flower to work into. Helen adds a hint here. Read it and do just as it says and it will go fine. Round 18 is mostly worked from behind. Just read it over. It isn’t hard just different. Round 20 starts off three rounds of tapestry crochet. You will carry a second color as you work, sc over top and covering it until that color is needed. The use of stitch markers in round 33 will be a big help in the upcoming rounds. Also look out for the hidden st just past the ch 1. Be sure you have the right amount of st’s on each of the ch 1. Heads up round 34… fltr.. A new st for me. Round 35 is the start of the folding sc section. Take a good look behind the tr’s and you will see where you need to go. Once I got started it wasn’t hard. Another st I haven’t done before! Be sure to count!
Lighten up Lucy If you are a tight crocheter like me you may want to loosen up a bit on these sc. Your fingers will thank you. :)
All of the last few round have been going very well and nothing to give a heads up about. Love this pattern! After round 60 it measures 43 inches across.
Round 63 does the ruffle st. Not hard to do but be careful to do the post stitches around the right post. It’s easy to get on the wrong one. You will have 2 dc’s between the ruffle stitches … one you skipped the other has the flsc in it. Round 65-71 COUNT! These rounds will require lots of counting.
PART 2… Today we do corners!
The corners are worked off one at a time. One suggestion I have is leave long tails when adding or cutting off. You will crochet over the tail. I had one color that kept showing (Plum) so I used my needle and wove it in the backside. When adding a new color be careful not to miss the standing sc. Also take a close look at where the standing sc is and be sure not to crochet into that same stitch but rather in the standing sc it’s self.
Now it’s square! Made a mistake on round 90. I crocheted into the hidden stitch. This time your not suppose to. Stitch count was off next round. Rip it Rip it Rip it. :(
After round 93 it measures 54 inches square.
The Bead stitch on round 99 is sure different! It’s like a puff stitch worked sideways. Not hard but can take a bit of time. Stitch markers are a huge help starting on
round 106 until the end. I use them in the ch 1 spaces. Those can be hard to see otherwise. Nearing the end and the best advice I have is to count everything and use lots of stitch markers.

Color Sequence
Round 1 Off White Round 2 Sunshine Round 3-4 Mango Round 5-6 Pistachio Round 7 off White. Round 8-13 Pistachio Round 14 Baby Sunshine Round 15 Sunshine Round 16 Mango Round 17 Plum Wine Round 18-19 White
*Rounds 20-22 will be White with Pistachio
as the accent color.
Round 23 Pistachio Round 24 Dark Sage Round 25-26 Pistachio Round 27 Off White Round 28 Plum Wine Round 29-30 Off White Round 31 Baby Sunshine Round 32 Sunshine
Round 33 Pistachio Round 34 Dark Sage
Round 35 Pistachio Round 36 Dark Sage Round 37 Pistachio Round 38 Dark Sage
Round 39 Pistachio Round 40 Dark Sage Round 41 Pistachio Round 42-46 White Round 47 Baby Sunshine Round 48 Sunshine Round 49 Mango Round 50 Sunshine Round 51 Baby Sunshine Round 52 Off White Round 53-54 Dark Sage Round 55-56 Off White Round 57 Dark Sage Round 58-59 Off White Round 60 Pistachio Round 61 Baby Sunshine Round 62-63 Sunshine Round 64 Mango Round 65-71 White Round 72 Pistachio Round 73 Dark Sage
CORNER Repeat for each corner
Round 74 Baby Sunshine Round 75 Mango ** Round 76 Plum Wine
Round 77 White Round 78 Pistachio Round 79 White Round 80 Pistachio Round 81-82 White Round 83 Baby Sunshine Round 84 Sunshine Round 85 Mango Round 86 White
Round 87-88 Pistachio Round 89-90 Dark Sage
Round 91 White Round 92 Pistachio Round 93-95 White Round 96 Baby Sunshine Round 97 Sunshine Round 98 Mango Round 99 Plum wine Round 100 Mango Round 101 Sunshine Round 102 Baby Sunshine Round 103 Off White Round 104-112 White Round 113 Dark Sage
Finished 2/16/18
Final measurement ..70 inches across.
5163 yards used

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January 18, 2018
February 16, 2018
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