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October 1 2009
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holy crap
East Meets West Satchel by Kerin Dimeler-Laurence
Needles & yarn
US 3 - 3.25 mm
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I’m knitting the Red kit, though i loved all the color ways. There is an awful lot of yarn here and the thought of casting on 450 stitches is overwhelming for me. This isn’t going to be something I can really knit around the kids I don’t think.

10/01/09 - I cast on - it took me an hour.
10/17/09- on the other side of the inset panel! I took a break from this for a while but picked it back up tonight. I’m hoping to finish the strap by Monday…
10/18/09 - three more rows to go on the strap…..
10/19/09 - strap is done but I’m going to have to put this aside in favor of Christmas knitting.

I’m planning to pick this up again after the new year.

05/02/10 - well it’s the new year. ha ha. I’m working on this again. Just cast on for the body and I’m pretty sure it’s twisted but who cares, I’m cutting it up anyway!

05/07/10 - it’s definitely got a twist in it, but I’m pressing on. I had to rip out one section about five times tonight because I kept looking at the wrong dang line of the chart. Frustrating, but totally not the patterns’ fault. I’m about to start row 18. It’s nearly taken me a week but I can not sit and work on this all day long, I have three kids!

5/08/10 - now up to row (round) 23 of the body!! I’m going to push myself to finish a color section a day. I really need to update my photos…

05/10/10- Done with the body. I’m taking a break before doing the flap. cold meds and complicated knitting do not mix. I’ve decided to go ahead and start my xmas knitting for 2010 and put this on the back burner once again. Hopefully once I get all this stuff done I can pick it up again and not feel “guilty” about knitting something for ME when there are gifts to be knitted.

10/10/10 - haven’t picked this up for months, working on other things. 2011 is going to be the year where I knit for me so this will get done then! Looking forward to it!

01/01/11 - picked this back up today, all that is left is knitting the flap. Currently on row 8 of 51.

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In progress
October 1 2009
work in progress
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