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Labyrinth Celtic Blanket
January 26 2017
March 20 2017
Project info
Labyrinth Celtic Blanket
Labyrinth Mandala Pillow by Tatsiana Kupryianchyk
Hooks & yarn
4.0 mm (G)
5,690 yards
Stylecraft Batik Double Knitting
4 skeins = 604.0 yards (552.3 meters), 200 grams
Stylecraft Batik Double Knitting
4 skeins = 604.0 yards (552.3 meters), 200 grams
Stylecraft Batik Double Knitting
6.2 skeins = 936.2 yards (856.1 meters), 310 grams
Stylecraft Batik Double Knitting
4 skeins = 604.0 yards (552.3 meters), 200 grams
Stylecraft Batik Double Knitting
2 skeins = 302.0 yards (276.1 meters), 100 grams
Stylecraft Special Double Knit
8.2 skeins = 2640.4 yards (2414.4 meters), 820 grams


Added the last 5 rows of Joanas Mandala to increase my stitch count to 248 so I can square it
The Mandala was made Feb 9-11


Ok turning this project page into the Labyrinth/Celtic blanket

Made 5 Labyrinth Mandala
4 Celtic Mandala
Adding the last section of Joanas Mandala
to each

          Turned all the Mandalas into Octagons
      4 Waldo's Puzzles
      6 Triangles adding a couple extra rows from
          Summer Mosaic 
      4 corners also adding extra rounds from  
          Summer Mosaic

Joined with the zipper join by Dedri

Bordered it all with Rows 27-38 of the Labyrinth Mandala Border. Without adding increases since it’s a square not a circle.


62” square

Here are some more details if you decide to make this blanket:

Celtic Mandala
Follow the pattern to row 25
Add row 17-30 of Joanas Mandala
To make an octagon:
Hdc all around
30sc 3 sc in one st x8
Sc each st 3sc in center of 3sc inc x8

Follow the pattern right to the last row 37
Add row 26-30 of Joanas Mandala
To make an octagon:
30sc 3 sc in one st x8
Sc each st 3sc in center of 3sc inc x8

Side Triangles
Row 1-8 as in Summer Mosaic

Row 9 slst to join first st dc same sc 19 dc 5dc in next sc. 19 dc 2dc in last st

Row 10 mc join sc sc in same st. 4 sc fptr around fptr 2 sc (fptr around sc 2sc)2x
(fptr around fptr 2sc)2x. Fptr around sc 2sc 3 dtr in center sc of row 8 sk 2. 2sc fptr around sc (2sc fptr around fptr)2x. (2sc fptr around sc )2x. 2sc fptr around fptr. 2sc in next 3 st inc in last sc. fasten off

Row 11 cc join ch3 first ch dc same st. 23dc. 5dc in center dtr. 23dc 2 dc in last st

Row 12. Mc working in 3rd loop 2sc in top of ch 27 sc 3 sc both loops of center dc 27sc in 3rd loop inc in last st Turn

Row 13 mc. Ch3 dc same space. 28dc
5dc center st
28dc. 2dc last st
32sts per side

Row 14. Mc. Sc all along with 5 sc in center st and 2 each start and end

Corner motif

Follow pattern to row 8

Row 9 dc inc 21 dc inc
Row 10 3sc in first st sc next st 4 fptr in next 4 sc of round 8 sk 4 13sc 4 fptr in next 4sc sk4 1sc 3sc in last st. turn ch3

Row 11 inc dc dc across and inc last st turn ch1

Row 12 3sc in first st sc across and 3sc in last st

Labyrinth Border
Row 27-38 of the Labyrinth Border pattern
Ignore all the increases.
Ignore sk no st
Row 32 when you get to fpdc around the same fpdc you have to eliminate the sc before fpdc that makes the v after the fpdc that goes onto the same fpdc to make the v
(Fpdc fpdc sc fpdc fpdc)
Row 33 when you get back to the v you made on row 32 you will sk the fpdc before the v make the fldc in the v and sk fpdc after the v
Row 34-35. Follow the pattern no increases ignore sk no st
Row 36. I changed fptr back to fpdc sc in bl of the next st and fpdc2tog around this same st and sc bl in the next st you made your second leg of the fpdc2tog around
Row 37 fltr2tog into row 35 of the same color to make your point in the next color.

We are trying to keep the stitch count the same every round other then the increases on each corner. The corners are 3sc in the corner to increase each row by 2sts. I didn’t do a very good job of keeping my corners all the same since I started the first row with sc in the corner 2sc and then followed the pattern until the last 2 sc before the corner then did 2sc and the 3 sc in corner. These I made in the bl until row row 35 which I did in the 3rd loop


Feel free to message me if you need any help putting the Blanket together if you make your own. I have made up a chart that may help out.

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January 26 2017
March 20 2017
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