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Sunny Blanket
April 25 2018
May 15 2018
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Sunny Blanket
Sunny Border - overlay crochet by Tatsiana Kupryianchyk
lillabjorncrochet on ravelry
Hooks & yarn
4.0 mm (G)

All these yarn amounts are for the squares and Dandelion Border and joining but not the Mandala or Mandala Border.

My husband won’t let me gift this one.

Thanks to Tatsiana for the amazing patterns and helpblush


Details in progress. ……


Rnds 1-12 of the Sunny Mandala pattern
Rnd 13 spsc 2sc inc 8xs
Rnd 14 sc around inc 8xs
Rnd 15 first rnd to Square. Ch5 ch2, 2tr in same st, 2tr, 2dc in next st, 2dc, 3hdc, 7sc, 3hdc, 2dc, 2dc in next st, 2tr, 1tr in next st* x4, join with ss in first sp. (29 sts on each side, ch2-sp in each corner)
Second rnd corner 2hrt ch2 2 htr 3htr 3dc 17hdc 3dc 3htr 1
Third rnd dc ch2 dc dc all around.

Blocked at 9” Square

Joined with zipper join

Border after squares are all on:
Rnd 1 sc ch2 sc in corner sc each st around with hdc in the chains and dc in the joins. 227sts per side

Rnd 2 sc ch2 sc in corner sc around 229sts

Rnd 3. Same as rnd 2 231sts

Rnd 4 start at rnd 9 of the Dandelion Border 233sts

60” Square

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April 25 2018
May 15 2018
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