Modern : V
December 30, 2016
May 2017

Modern : V

Project info
Modern Varsity Jacket by Vladimir Teriokhin
Coat / Jacket
Needles & yarn
US 11 - 8.0 mm
US 13 - 9.0 mm
Lion Brand Romance
Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick & Quick

FREE pattern.

6/17/17 Finally photographed thanks to a fellow knitter, Guild member, and raveler ginamp. I have much to say about this project mostly in its construction. This project easily soars right into my ‘favorite top five’ category ever knitted. It is exactly as planned but the road getting it there was winding, frustrating at times, and long. Thank you, Vogue Knitting for familiarizing myself with Vladimir Teriokhin and for Vladimir for providing such great designs for knitters. More conversation about this project HERE. Blog post is HERE!

2nd ~

  • committing to the pink

  • reusing all the same pink fur after careful ripping out of the first

  • leaving selvage edge free of fur for reducing bulk at seams

  • bringing down width a smidgen

  • choosing size 13 needle when adding fur to the Wool-ease with my own gauge as I could not get pattern’s

  • re-writing pattern for personal gauge

  • photographing fur WITH the grain AND right side up. Holy cow, photographing fur is challenging!!

FREE pattern!

ok, the entire jacket has been ripped out. So, onto effort #2 in making some adjustments. Love the concept, now for the details on making it work.

size 11 needle throughout, size S for M measurements;
knitting selvage stitches at sides without fur to lesson bulk when sewing the seams and it must have seams for structure.

Today was gauge day. This pattern suggested Lion Brand Thick and Quick. So, pulled out what I purchased. I can easily get the gauge of the rib pattern but no way can I even get close to the gauge with the strand held with fur.

So, thought about doubling this beautiful Tweedy Alpaca that has been in my stash for ages. Double for the rib ~ gauge right on. Single with fur ~ perfect, if I go down a bunch of needle sizes. Will try again when I seriously begin this project which will be sooner than later.

Coordination effort with hoodie xx because doesn’t one wear a hoodie under a varsity-style jacket?

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December 30, 2016
May 2017
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