Princess Pearl Diamond Wrist Rest
March 10, 2013
March 13, 2013

Princess Pearl Diamond Wrist Rest

Project info
Symmetrical Tunisian Diamond 101 by Vashti Braha
CleaningWashcloth / Dishcloth
self, and to test silk blend sock yarn for pattern.
3" x 6" seamed and stuffed. For my tiny wrist.
Hooks & yarn
3.75 mm (F)
Regia Silk Color
360 yards in stash
0.25 skeins = 54.5 yards (49.8 meters), 12 grams
Knit 'n Knibble in Tampa, Florida

Longest increase row has 49 loops on hook. Diagonally from point to point of square is 8.5”. (Finished square is 6” x 6”.)

For first seam, I folded it in half with right sides together and crocheted the 6” seam by slip stitching together to row ends, then chain 1, repeat from to next corner; then I fastened off because I wished to position this seam at the center back.

With right sides facing out and front of Wrist Rest facing up, I attached the yarn at one edge of the first short (3”) opening to seam. Using a steel crochet hook small enough to pull stitch loop through bead hole, I slid a large seed bead onto the loop on my hook, then chained 1 tightly; slid a pearl onto the loop on hook and ch 1 tightly; slid a large seed bead onto the stitch loop, ch 1 tightly; then to seam, I tightened each of the stitches as I went: slip stitch in next nearest two row ends, ch 1, slide large seed bead onto loop on hook, slip stitch together next 2 row ends, repeat from to end, then do pearl bead corner like the first one.

I prefer hoisting on the beads while seaming instead of stringing on beads ahead of time, because this way each bead is centered snugly on top of each slip stitch, and won’t droop over time because its held by two strands of yarn. If I’d prestrung them, they’d only be on one strand of yarn and wouldn’t be centered on the top two loops of the sts.

To stuff, I rolled some poly fiberfill in two layers of quilt batting, and slid this in. I took care not to over-stuff because I don’t want it too bouncy and elevated -- that wouldn’t be as wrist-restful. I hoped the layer of batting would eliminate lumpiness of the fiberfill, and it mostly does.

To complete, seam the other 3” opening the same as the first. Pull yarn ends to the inside of the pillow.

Give self a hug for knowing how to crochet.

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March 10, 2013
March 13, 2013
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