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March 23, 2022
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Ziggy Vest by Vashti Braha
Neck / TorsoCowl
Zegue-Along Class!
Hooks & yarn
2.75 mm (C)
DGI, LLC Knitting Fuzzy Fur
1 skein = 65.0 yards (59.4 meters), 12 grams
Isager Yarn Spinni
667 yards in stash

I’m making this for my upcoming Project and design theory class, Zegue-Along the Tunisian Scrap Zapper. It’s an online class for CGOA April 27 & 28 2022. (Register with CGOA.)


This is a surprisingly stretchy fabric in all directions!!

A hook that’s 8” long is comfortable for this 10.5”-wide piece.

I did a simple stitch pattern modification that adds a crimp in the “valleys” of the ripples. It also adds more of a ‘feather and fan’ look. Maybe that’s why I prefer the rows to be horizontal?

Rows are a bit over 10” wide because I thought I was going to want the Ziggy rows to run vertically. I like other ripple cowls I’ve seen that are worked side to side. I also thought I could either fold it over while wearing if it’s too tall, or make it a double-wide loop scarf to wrap my neck twice and cover my head or ears, almost hood-like.

But actually I’m preferring the look of the fabric horizontal. So I’m going to have a problem.

Another problem is I only have one ball of the furry gray and it’s a small ball! Eleven forward passes is 6” and maybe I’ve used half of the ball? Hard to tell with fur yarn wound on a cardboard core!

I do have 2 more small balls of this yarn; the gray is mixed with patches of light tan. It does coordinate. Not ideal but would work.

The fur yarn has languished in my stash for years because it’s the most sparse (skimpy or cheap looking to me at the time), short, and wispy of all the ‘eyelash’ and other fur yarns I have. But now that we’re well past the eyelash craze, I can appreciate that it’s plenty textured and packs in just enough fluff as it’s crocheted. Much easier to crochet with too.

I wonder how the fur yarn holds up. Still looks new after tumbling around in my stash so that’s a good sign.

March 26, 2022

Class is added to Ravelry events calendar:

March 26, 2022

Looks like the color number of the gray and fawn color fur yarn is 313.

April 27, 2022

I think the hook is supposed to be 3.75mm not 2.75mm.

Reminding self to confirm. I think I used a Denise Interchangeable, and I don’t think the set has a 2.75mm.

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In progress
March 23, 2022
work in progress
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