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May 6 2014
June 15 2014
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Fog and Whisper by Veera Vรคlimรคki
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WalkCollection Cozy Silk Fingering
3 skeins = 1311.0 yards (1198.8 meters), 300 grams

Mods: I cast on for size 38โ€, and did the raglan increases only every 4th row for the last 4 increasing rows before dividing for the body/sleeves, to make the upper body a bit longer. Then I made 8 new st(s) under each arm. Knitting the remaining close to size 42โ€
The pattern instructions says to knit in reversed stockinette, with the increases on the purl side. This to make the raglan increases less visible I thinkโ€ฆ Iยดm going to wear this purl side out, and may luckily knit this in stockinette, doing the increases on the knit sideโ€ฆ :)
I made the body 5 cm shorter, and picked up 118 sts for each front band + 92 for the collar.
My gauge is 24,5 st = 10 cm.

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May 6 2014
June 15 2014
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70% Merino, 30% Silk
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