Allison Griffith

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Knitting: Doll Clothes - Other
The Little Knit Doll is on the hunt for Easter eggs! She’s decked out in a new ribbon-trimmed party dress, and her favorite new bunny-ear headband, and her perfect little basket is just the right size for collecting jellybeans.
Knitting: Mid-calf Socks
Pour yourself a cup of tea, pull out a favorite book, and slip on these thick and cozy socks for the perfect lazy Sunday morning. Delicate lace flows from the leg to the top of the foot, making these super-warm slippers surprisingly girly and flattering. They’re thick enough to be extra-cozy, but thin enough to leave on when you slip on your cl...
Knitting: Mid-calf Socks
These are socks worth gossiping about! Their simple structure is offset by two panels of ladylike texture on either side of the leg. Two grapey cables run between trellises of delicate openwork, making a sock that looks intricate, but is very simple to work up. A delight to knit, and a pleasure to wear, the grapevine will be talking about these...
Knitting: Doll, Doll Clothes - Other
This sweet little doll is looking for a home. Do you know a little girl or boy who will give her one? The little knit doll and accompanying doll-sized printable storybook are perfect for little kids. Complete with style-able hair and a removable dress, the Little Knit Doll is just as ready to play house as she is to go adventuring with her frie...