Janet Renouf-Miller

Patterns available as Ravelry Downloads

Knitting: Hot Water Bottle
I knitted loads of these when we were snowed in the Christmas before last. Actually I knitted some of them whilst sitting in a deck chair outside in front of a roaring fire I was just so fed up of being stuck in doors in a foot of snow! amaing how warm it was.
Knitting: Tote
knit this big using waste woollen yarn and then felt in the washing machine. make sure you use wool that does not say ‘machine wash’ on the label. machine washable yarn does not usually felt. synthetics will not felt either, alpaca will.
Crochet: Cape
This pattern worked really well. it can be easily adjusted to fit a different size of child or adult and used only one ball of yarn for a four year old’s size.
Knitting: Coffee / Tea Pot
the pattern is on the ‘free stuff’ page of my website.
Crochet: Hanging Ornament
Tiny Christmas Baskets, tree ornaments.