Knitting with Chopsticks

Patterns available as Ravelry Downloads

Crochet: Scarf, Shawl / Wrap
Poudreuse means powder snow in French. That’s what this wrap reminds me of. The yarn is so light and fluffy and the very light blue color is nearly the blue of ice in the mountains.
Crochet: Button
Make your own buttons with this easy, beginner crochet button pattern. These simple little round buttons will elevate all your diy garments. Can also be used to tweak existing garments or for other projects.
Knitting: Cardigan
The Bonbon knit cardigan pattern is an easy, beginner-friendly knit raglan pattern. Seamless, with worsted weight cotton yarn it works up quickly. The simple construction and minimal shaping make it perfectly symmetrical so you can wear it with the buttons in the front or in the back for an unexpected surprise.
Crochet: Beanie, Toque
The Peak-a-boo beanie is a simple, cute crochet hat pattern. From newborn hat to kids hat, this is your go-to pattern. It’s easy, it’s very quick and you can personalize it with a pompom or applique if you want which makes it great for craft fair makers.
Knitting: Rug
This chunky knit rug pattern is a beginner pattern. You only need knit and purl stitches to make this knit bath mat pattern.
Crochet: Animal Toy
Meet Emil, the cute preemie octopus crochet pattern.
Crochet: Shawl / Wrap
The Gathering Driftwood Shawl crochet pattern is an elegant, beginner-friendly crochet triangle scarf pattern.
Crochet: Washcloth / Dishcloth
These cute little zero waste reusable crochet soap savers have 2 distinct uses:
Knitting: Scarf
The Aircon Scarf is a beginner friendly knit scarf pattern. The cotton yarn and simple lace scarf design make it perfect to protect your throat from the aircon during the summer.
Crochet: Potholder
This fun, colorful and easy potholder crochet pattern is a great addition to your home decor. Make it in one color or use as many as you want (shown with 14 colors) it will protect your table from your hot dishes while adding a touch of color to your table.
Crochet: Purse / Handbag
The Eyelet Purse is an easy, beginner-friendly crochet bag pattern. Every step is detailed with pictures and only basic stitches are used to make sure you can make this crochet boho bag, even if you’re not an expert yet.
Crochet: Throw
The Herfst Blanket crochet pattern is an easy crochet blanket pattern. The irregular stripes and different texture enhances this simple wool blanket to a gorgeous piece of bedroom decor. Simple stitches and step by step pictures ensure anyone can make this blanket, no need to be an expert!
Crochet: Booties
These Happy Feet Baby Socks are a very simple baby booties crochet pattern, with just a little twist at the ankle to make them special. They’re very easy to make and work up in no time.
Knitting: Home - Other
You know when you’re not careful and you pull a chair without properly lifting it, this horrible screeching noise we all hate? Well, with chair socks, it’s gone!
Knitting: Headband
The Lacy headband is an easy diy knit headband pattern. Perfect to keep your fizzy, curly, stubborn hair in check on windy summer days. Light, stretchy (for a perfect fit) and elegant. The cute grid stitch used is very simple, all you need to do is yarn over and knit 2 stitches together. There’s no complicated advanced stitch involved.
Crochet: Tee
The Sunburst Top is a beautiful crochet summer top. The oversized loose fit and the airy lace stitch make it very comfortable for summer weather. Perfect to wear with a pair of jeans shorts or some slim pants. You can easily adapt the pattern to your desired size as the top is made out of 2 rectangles which are then sewed together.
Knitting: Pullover
You just started knitting and have never even finished a beginner pattern? The beginner knit block sweater pattern is for you! It’s just that easy!
Crochet: Cardigan
The Bubbly Baby Cardigan is a simple baby cardigan with a little bubbly texture. The cotton yarn makes it perfect for colder summer evenings. Depending on the colors you chose it is perfect for a little boy or a little girl.
Crochet: Cozy - Other
You know when you’re not careful and you pull a chair without properly lifting it, this horrible screeching noise we all hate? Well, with chair socks, it’s gone!
Knitting: Throw
The Block Blanket knitting pattern is a very easy beginner knitting pattern. This can be your first project, it’s that easy. Each square is knit separately and then sewed together to form a beautiful knit throw. Pick as many or as few colors to match your home decor.
Knitting: Pullover
The Sunshine Crop Sweater pattern is an easy, beginner friendly, oversize sweater knitting pattern. Made with worsted weight cotton yarn, it is a perfect sweater for those cold summer evenings. A sober main color, with a touch of bright contrasting color is the perfect combination to go with high waisted shorts or a pair of jeans.
Knitting: Beanie, Toque
Only one evening to knit a hat, with a pompom? No problem! With this easy and super quick hat pattern you’ll be ready for some last minute gifts in no time. This pattern is very easy, all you need to know is the knit and purl stitches and a simple decrease.
Crochet: Dress
The pretty Spring Dress Crochet pattern is the perfect beginner crochet pattern. The top is made out of 2 rectangles sewed together and the skirt part is crocheted in the round from there. No increases or decreases, fancy stitch count or anything complicated here. The size is easily adjustable to fit your measurements (the pattern shows you how...
Knitting: Scarf
His Scarf is an easy, beginner friendly scarf pattern. This scarf looks fancy but is actually very easy. It is just a little variation on a simple ribbed scarf, only the knit and purl stitch are used. The seed rib stitch I used allows for wider ribs that will not close up.
Knitting: Beanie, Toque
The Simple Hat knitting pattern is a simple design, that goes with all outfits. I always have mine in the bottom of my handbag during holidays. It is so convenient! Warm, cozy and comfy.
Crochet: Coaster
The colorful coaster pattern for the Sunday at the Pool coasters is an easy, beginner friendly crochet project. You only need to know the basic crochet stitches and it is short so you can enjoy the results fast and won’t get frustrated frogging hours of work if you make a mistake.
Knitting: Cardigan
Capucine’s knit baby cardigan pattern is a great baby shower gift pattern. If you are a beginner knitter or you are not used to knitting garments yet, this simple design using only the knit and purl stitches with basic increases and decreases is for you. With detailed illustrations, I walk you through every step of this easy beginner pattern. K...
Crochet: Placemat
The Mandala Placemats are an easy round crochet pattern. Each step is detailed with pictures and visual explanations making it very easy even if your not a crochet expert. Make them in one color or with up to 26 colors to match your home decor. The elegant and delicate open stitch work will instantly dress up your table and impress your guests,...
Knitting: Mittens
This is a very simple pattern but it is worked with double pointed needles. I know a lot of you dread using double pointed needles and find them confusing but this is the perfect project to start getting friendly with them.