Patterns available as Ravelry Downloads

Knitting: Balaclava
My Keystone Beanie Pattern is now available in child size!
Crochet: Fingerless Gloves
The popular Crocodile-Stitch Fingerless Gloves pattern is now available for kids! Use an F hook to create these gloves for toddlers, and G hook for older kids.
Crochet: Fingerless Gloves
These fishnet gloves are very unique and comfortable to wear. The easy-to-follow instructions include a written pattern and photo tutorial to help you finish these gloves. These gloves are easy to make and truly one-of-a-kind!
Crochet: Fingerless Gloves
This gloves are fun and easy to make and super adorable! I absolutely love the look and feel of these gloves and once you make one pair,. you won’t want to stop! The cuff is designed with the lovely crocodile-stitch, and if you haven’t used this stitch before the written instructions make it very easy to understand. The body of the glove is mad...
Crochet: Cozy - Other
Two patterns in one! Included is patterns for adorable owl cozies to fit both cans and bottles. These cozies are perfect for summer and way too cute! The pattern includes photo tutorials to help you finish these cozies. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!
Crochet: Backpack
This is the perfect beach bag. It has double straps to be worn over-the-shoulder or as a backpack and is completed with a drawstring to close. It is made out of 100% cotton yarn so it’s completely durable for the water and sand at the beach! This bag is also great as a market bag!
Crochet: Fingerless Gloves
These fingerless gloves are based off of the t.v. show Doctor Who. They are very quick to make and there is a video tutorial included to help you with easy color changing! You will need 110 yds of blue and just a little bit of white for the windows.
Crochet: Headband
This crochet headband pattern makes cabling very easy with a video tutorial included. If you’ve never done cabling before, this pattern breaks down the steps to make it easy for you to learn. This headband is very quick to make and absolutely adorable!
Knitting: Balaclava
This is a knit pattern that I’ve had quite a few people request after finding my crochet fold-down hat. This hat can be folded up as a hat, or down to cover the face as a ski mask!
Crochet: Fingerless Gloves
These gloves are very unique and easy to make with this pattern. If you’ve never worked with the crocodile-stitch before, the pattern makes it very easy to learn! There are pictures included. If you have any questions, please let me know!
Crochet: Legwarmers
These cabled crochet leg warmers are cute and very quick to make. The cable work is very easy to learn and great for intermediate crocheters who have not done much cabling!
Crochet: Earwarmers
This earwarmer is thick, warm, beautiful, and EASY! Using only half-double crochets and single crochets, this earwarmer is quick and very fun to make. Not to mention perfect for fall/winter! Enjoy :-)
Crochet: Fingerless Gloves
These gloves are just as fabulous as the original but a tad more feminine! You’ll be sure to stand out with these, or give them away as a one-of-a-kind gift!
Crochet: Cowl
This cowl is very unique. It is completely with a large button in the back for easy on-and-off and it is also very warm!
Crochet: Fingerless Gloves
These crocodile-stitch gloves are one of a kind. They are so unique and fun to make! If you’ve never worked with the crocodile-stitch before, this pattern makes it very easy to learn!
Crochet: Balaclava
This unisex hat is very comfortable and easy to make! Can be folded up into a hat or down to cover your face like a ski mask.