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over 12 years ago

I got my project bag today! I love it; my current sock in progress is being stored in the bag right now. I could easily fit at least another sock project in there. The drawstring cord works well to scrunch the bag closed. I have to admit my favorite part of the bag is the pretty swirl design; I wasn’t able to go to Rhinebeck to get the original version-but this is definitely making up for it. :) Thanks Ravelry!

over 12 years ago

I got my bag yesterday and it rocks! It’s a bit bigger than I was expecting, which is a welcome surprise. I also didn’t realize that the drawstring only pulls on one side rather than having to pull both sides to get it to close…I love that! Right now it is holding a skein of Lion Brand Cotton-Ease and the beginning of a baby blanket with plenty of room to spare. I could easily put the other two skeins of Cotton-Ease for the project in there. I love this bag!

over 12 years ago

Lovely, strong, perfectly sized!

over 12 years ago

I was lucky to get one at the Rhinebeck Rav party and I have to say that this bag is fantastic. It is great quality… and right now I’m using it to carry a whole shawl in progress with plenty of room to spare.

over 12 years ago

My project bag arrived today, and I love it! This bag is such a great size. It was larger than I expected, but that’s a good thing. It will definitely house some sizable knitting projects. The printed pattern is vivid and cool. It also cinches shut nicely.

Also awesome: that it took only 5 days to get to me in eastern Canada, thank you Ravelry!

over 12 years ago

Love it! And it arrived SO quickly! It has nice sturdy construction and a strong drawstring, plus I really like the swirly design! Well done! :-)

over 12 years ago

The bag is much bigger than i anticipated- guess I didn’t look at the dimensions before buying. It was a nice surprise- enough room to carry a sweater!

over 12 years ago

An excellent sized bag, not too big, not too small. Good printing. A good cord for the draw string. Over the weekend, I was able to fit a book (Sock Innovations), a ball of yarn, the back of a sweater WIP, my notions zippy bag and my crochet hook holder.

over 12 years ago

Lucky me, I snagged two on the third restocking! This bag is SO cute, and so perfect with my Bella shirt. I’m hoping to mod one of them to be a backsack, so I’ll update with a new photo if I manage it. For now, here’s a quick photo to give an idea of size:


(Note: I’m 5’ 5.5” and yes, that’s my Bella shirt behind it.)

over 12 years ago

Note: I just measured my bag so that I could plan my mod, and the bag appears to be slightly larger than advertised. Dimensions as I measured them are about 12.25” x 14” not counting the part sewn on to contain the drawstring, and 12.25” x 14.75” if measured from the very top of the fabric to the very bottom.

over 12 years ago

I love the design. Love the pattern and I absolutely love that I can easily fit a sweater (light sweater) and a sock or hat project into the bag.

Awesome product!

over 11 years ago

I got my project bag couple days ago and I was surprise of the quality of the material !!! I love it and I be sure to tell everyone !! I be back for more soon ……………Love it , love it !!

over 11 years ago

Just got my bag today and it is even better than I’d hoped! It arrived sooner than I’d hoped, too! Double happiness :D
I have a couple other project bags similar to this one. Same basic size, and drawstring, but this one is much better quality and very pretty, too. It’s small enough to work great for little projects, but big enough to hold the Wicked I’m working on right now. Mostly though, it’s just really nicely made. Another satisfied customer!

over 11 years ago

I got my bag a couple of days ago, and I LOVE it. So pretty, roomy and convenient. I’m so glad they’re back in stock!

over 11 years ago

My project bag came today!! First of all, I was hugely impressed by how quickly it arrived–I ordered it on Friday, and it was here early Monday. I had a feeling though, since Rav’s amazing like that. Secondly, as others have said, it’s much bigger than it looks–and to prove it, I will post an ACTION SHOT!! (echo)

alt text

In the action shot, my bag is holding my wip cabled scarf AND my Seraphina shawl, and there’s tons of room to spare. (Oh, and it’s also holding my free sample of Soak, which was an EXTREMELY pleasant surprise at checkout time. I can’t wait to use it when I block both of the items in the project bag. ^_^)

Thank you so much, Ravelry, for being amazing!


over 11 years ago

Happy dance!! My bag arrived yesterday! I am very pleased with it. It is roomy and very cute! I love it!! Thanks Ravelry!! I am off to fill up it with a scarf I am currently crocheting!

over 11 years ago

I bought this bag because of the organic materials. The quality is excellent, both print work and durability.
It’s big enough for my small projects, and cute too!
Thank you, Ravelry!! <3

over 10 years ago

Got my project bag and am loving it! I really like the swirls design. The bag is plenty big enough to hold my one pound cone of Sugar n Cream cotton and some WIPs and dishcloth booklets. But first up is a hat.)

Thanks for a nice bag to help spread the word about Ravelry.

over 9 years ago

♥ Nice roomy bag. Sized for two-at-a-time socks or a small shawl.

It’s lightweight yet very good quality. ♥

over 9 years ago

This bag is brilliant. I use it for knitting projects or for carrying my knitting kit and pattern and the only thing wrong with it is that I need another one or two :-)

I would heartily recommend.

over 9 years ago

I got this bag from a gorgeous swap-friend.I totally LOVE it <3 Please make more Rav-bags!!!

over 9 years ago