Crafters Represent!

At Ravelry, we believe in the goodness of CRAFT and take great pride in being crafty. So why not show it? With this durable pouch, you can store your projects and display your love for your craft(s), whether you knit, spin, crochet, dye, weave, felt, sew, stitch, or all of the above!

Our CRAFT pouch is made just for us out of a sturdy canvas fabric (we don’t want pointy DPNs or steel crochet hooks poking through!), and designed by Julie at Symposi Press. There is a zipper closure at the top and a slip pocket inside, because you can never have too many pockets. It is a great size for a medium-sized project like a spindle and some fiber, a few balls of yarn and some granny squares, or a shawl.


  • 11” (28 cm) wide, 9.75” (25 cm) high, with a 5.25” (13.5 cm) gusset
  • Inside slip pocket measures 7.5” (18 cm) wide by 5” (12.5 cm) high


  • Natural 15 oz cotton
  • silkscreen print, black with white letters
  • Made in the USA

Love this art?

We also have the CRAFT design available in sticker packs and lapel pins!

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