Rüdiger Schlömer

Patterns available as Ravelry Downloads

Knitting: Chart
The «Knit Grotesk ABC-Blanket» is a knitted specimen of this Typeknitting typeface. It contains all letters of the alphabet, numbers and some extra characters. If you are familiar with layout programs, you can also type your own typographic knitting pattern.
Knitting: Beanie, Toque
This Typeknitting Double-Face Hat is an adaptation of the pattern The Unexpected, original pattern design and knitting by Meret Buetzberger. Typeknitting by Rüdiger Schlömer. Use the blank pattern for personal adaptation. For sharing please use the hashtag #typeknitting.
Knitting: Pillow / Cushion
The Movable Type Cushion is an hommage to Johannes Gutenberg’s invention of the modern printing press in the 15th century. His main innovation was using movable type instead printing forms for whole words or pages (Read more). It will turn your couch into a typographic playground.
Knitting: Mittens
These Typographic Selbu Mittens are an adaptation of Generic Norwegian Mittens by Adrian Bizilia. Typeknitting adaptation by Rüdiger Schlömer. Test knitting by Sarij, Rosetta Meyer and Margrith Maurer-Fedier. The pattern contains yarn cryptography: Morse code and Braille is placed on the side and bottom. For sharing please use the hashtag #type...