Michelle Norton

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This sweet crochet gingerbread cookie is such a cute way to add a handmade touch to your christmas decor, or a unique christmas gift.

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With the world returning to a state of “normalcy” after COVID-19 there are certain changes that will be sticking around. For example the consistent use of hand sanitiser on pubic transport has become essential for commuters, especially those in the high risk categories like myself. Easy access to hand sanitiser without digging through (and potentially contaminating!) my bag is important. To solve this I have developed this easy clip on hand sanitiser pouch.

Patterns available as Ravelry Downloads

Crochet: Baby Blanket
Inspired by star-gazing in the country away from the light pollution in the city, this blanket is a combination of star motif mandalas connected to each other.
Crochet: Tote
This cute little tote bag is great for toddlers. The inspiration behind this bag is my little niece!
Knitting: Headband
A touch of spring in a headband. The twisted pattern is inspired by lavender stalks.
Crochet: Clutch
For Granny Square day, I wanted to create an alternate project to the granny square blanket. Having an “on the go” crochet or-ganiser pouch is essential for those crocheting on the go.
Crochet: Cozy - Other
This cheeky sheep reminds me of Sean Sheep from the cartoons.
Crochet: Accessories - Other
The Aria Lanyard combines teething beads with crochet to hold a teether or pacifier to your bub so that nothing falls to the floor.
Crochet: Headband
This deliciously warm headband hugs your ears to keep them warm and hold your hair out of your face. This will keep you warm without your hair-do getting in the way.
Crochet: Beanie, Toque
This Beanie features a star on the crown of your head. The layers of stars and beans add thickness to the beanie to keep your head warm on cold nights. The design can be unisex with some colour choices.This beanie is perfect for your cold evenings star watching over winter.you can leave it plain, or embellish with your choice of pom-pom. I pers...
Crochet: Cowl
I love keeping my neck warm while out and about, but I find scarves are a little difficult to wear on the commute or when you are doing a lot of walking.
Crochet: Scarf
I love keeping my neck warm while out and about.This scarf keeps you warm on your commute and during cold evenings star watching over winter.
Crochet: Scarf
I love keeping my neck warm while out and about.This scarf keeps you warm on your commute and during cold evenings star watching over winter.
Crochet: Beanie, Toque
What is a better combination for a girls beanie other then rainbows and cupcakes?
Crochet: Cozy - Other
This pattern is to hold a dettol hand sanitizer bottle to the outside of your bag to help on your daily commute. The frog is a cute addition to decorate the sanitizer Cozie.
Crochet: Cozy - Other
This lovley textured pattern makes for a sweet themed baby bottle cozie.
Crochet: Fingerless Gloves
This pattern is written in for both 1/2 finger gloves and fingerless gloves. The gloves are great for keeping your hands warm while being able to maintain your dexterity while star watching. Great for eating snacks in or using your phone or telescope.
Crochet: Backpack
Cute pattern kit to be the envy of all the kids in your class. This minion kit has a bag keychain, a bag older for hand sanitiser, bookmark pencil case and a waterbottle wrap for that conensation on your bottle.