Olivia Rainsford

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Crochet: Pin Cushion, Tape Measure Cover
This handy little gadget is ideal for people who craft on the move … or those of us who have difficulty keeping scissors, needles, tape measure and pins in one place. It requires very little yarn and is a lot of fun to make.
Crochet: Animal Toy
This is a simple pattern to make your own little owls, penguins and robins. You can make key chains or Christmas tree ornaments, for gifts or for sale. These little guys develop their own personalities as you make them, so be prepared to make a lot of them … they’re addictive :-)
Crochet: Afghan block
This is a pattern for a simple but pretty granny square. It can be made using fun, bright colours or muted tones to create all kinds of nice things - blankets, pillows, bags … the possibilities are endless!
Crochet: Throw, Bedspread
Crochet: Baby Blanket
This is a quick tutorial for Klimtchen (Baby Klimt) blankets - also known as Crazy Patchwork blankets. Your imagination determines the blanket’s finished look, this tutorial suggests a guideline for creating a unique baby blanket that looks like a little work of art!
Crochet: Throw
This pattern works as a summer blanket - in pastels or brights - or as a winter holiday blanket, with red flowers on a green background like a poinsettia!
Crochet: Afghan block
I love symmetry … love the idea of circles framed by squares. This works well as a scrapbuster - all you need is enough of the yarn in the main colour, but the other strips of colour can be taken from your yarn basket.
Crochet: Toy Food
In response to many requests for the pattern, here is a quick guide to making your own cupcakes.
Crochet: Afghan block
8 inch square - pattern in American terms
Crochet: Throw
These blankets look a bit like the Babette blanket, but back in Ye Olden Days when we had crochet in primary school, we used to patch together squares in different sizes (and, bless our innocence, different yarn types and weights) to make very ugly patchwork blankets that were received graciously by our kindly parents (and promptly hidden from...
Crochet: Afghan block
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Crochet: Throw
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Crochet: Throw
This is a simple stashbuster - perfect for winter evenings in front of the TV.