100% Qiviut 2-Ply from Arctic Qiviut

100% Qiviut 2-Ply

from Arctic Qiviut
Lace ?
217 yards
(198 meters)
29 grams
(1.02 ounces)
US 2 - 5 or 2.75 - 3.75mm
100% Other Animal - Musk Ox / Qiviut

100% qiviut, 2-ply lace weight.

Comes in both one and two-ounce skeins. A one ounce skein has 217 yards in it and a a two ounce skein has 434 yards in it. Please adjust your yardage and weight at the stash level.

Arctic Qiviut offers the highest quality 100% qiviut, which will last you for generations. We are the exclusive producers of hand painted and hand dyed qiviut yarns. Qiviut is truly an amazing fiber. It is the delicate underwool of the Arctic Musk Ox. It is one of the most sought after fibers in the world because of its rarity, softness and warmth. Qiviut is softer than cashmere and is light as a feather. It’s an insulating fiber and is comfortable to wear in any climate. Qiviut is eight times warmer than sheep wool. 100% qiviut is non-shrinkable, non-felting and safe for people who suffer from sheep wool allergies. Unlike wool, qiviut is not scratchy. The more you handle and wash qiviut the softer it feels. We use the highest quality qiviut fiber to produce our yarns.

popular colorways

Alaska Blueberry

8 stashed

3 projects

Kenai Blue

6 stashed

2 projects

Lowbush Cranberry

7 stashed

1 project


22 stashed

8 projects

Polar Purple

9 stashed

2 projects