Super Sparkle from Blue Moon Fiber Arts

Super Sparkle

from Blue Moon Fiber Arts
Fingering (14 wpi) ?
400 yards
(366 meters)
113 grams
(3.99 ounces)
28.0 sts
= 4 inches
92% Wool - Merino
8% Other

From the Blue Moon Fiber Arts website:

Super Sparkle is a lovely soft 4-ply super-washed Merino with the addition of a silver Lurex shimmer in a wonderful fingering-weight yarn. The Lurex is plied in as a continuous filament. Two of the four plies of this yarn have the lurex embedded in it. The lurex is silver and stays that way no matter how we dye it!! Super Sparkle is so soft and shiny. I have been looking for a yarn with some shimmer in it for a while, but they were all kinds of rough in the hand and they seemed to shed. Super Sparkle is so very soft, and because of the construction, does not shed!! I see so many fun and creative knits we can dream up for our Super Sparkle!

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