Økologisk Sommeruld from CaMaRose

Økologisk Sommeruld

from CaMaRose
Light Fingering ?
252 yards
(230 meters)
50 grams
(1.76 ounces)
32.0 sts
= 4 inches
US 1½ - 2.5 mm
70% Wool - Merino
30% Cotton
This yarn is Certified Organic
Color: Solid color
Dye: Machine dyed
Ply: 3-ply
Sustainability: Certified Organic


Økologisk Sommeruld (organic summer wool) is processed and spun exclusively for CaMaRose out of 100% organic merino and cotton fibres by my European manufacturer, who, like all my manufacturers, shows great care for the environment, animal welfare, health, working conditions, sustainability, and quality.

The 100% organic virgin fibres are spun into a traditional 3 ply which is then dyed with STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified colors, creating the 25 even and unique colors custom-made for CaMaRose.

The STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certification ensures that Økologisk Sommeruld is sustainable and has been tested and certified to be free from more than 300 environmental and health-hazardous substances. STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® is the pioneering certification when it comes to textiles and the test criteria go far beyond the applicable standards in Denmark and EU. You will find the certification on the yarn label. If you want to know more about STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®, please visit this website.

The combination of merino wool and cotton makes the yarn light and soft – perfect for baby and children’s knit. The merino-cotton blend is a great alternative to 100% wool and can be used for summer tops, t-shirts, and blouses without being too hot, but warm enough for the cool Nordic summers.

Økologisk Sommeruld in the natural colorway Råhvid 2001 (“off white”) is a fit base for natural dyeing or whenever you want an organic yarn as the base for your dye projects. Økologisk Sommeruld takes the color beautifully and evenly. After being rewound, it is extremely easy to handle in the dyepots and is hardy in the dye process.

The color chart is designed to make it possible to combine neutrals, contrasts, multiple shades of the same color as well as marling by holding two yarns together. The colors are inspired by the colors and lights of the North, and the color chart is regularly expanded in line with current trends to keep the selection updated and inspiring for individual color combinations.

Økologisk Sommeruld is perfect for crocheting. The cotton gives it good stability while the 70% wool prevents it from becoming too heavy - even when crocheting or knitting large blankets.

Økologisk Sommeruld gives you all the benefits of natural fibres combined with high quality, environmental sustainability, animal welfare, and last but not least, you get a product that is nice to work with for hours at a time as you are knitting, crocheting, or embroidering.

If you are looking for an organic 100% wool, have a look at my Økologisk Hverdagsuld (“organic everyday wool”).

I wish you a pleasant experience with Økologisk Sommeruld – a CaMaRose yarn created with the greatest care.

Trine Bertelsen

Product info
Material: 70% organic merino wool, 30% organic cotton
25 STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified colors
Recommended gauge: 28-32 stitches x 40 rows
Recommended needles: 1,5 – 3,5 mm
Yarn weight: Light fingering, 50 gram = ca. 230 meter
Wool cycle 30 degree/ lay flat to dry

popular colorways

2001 R Hvid

26 stashed

39 projects

2006 Mellemgr

13 stashed

22 projects

2008 Antracit

20 stashed

38 projects

2009 Lys Gr

18 stashed

25 projects

2010 Rosa

5 stashed

17 projects

2012 Pudder

8 stashed

15 projects

2016 Hindbaer

15 stashed

28 projects

2018 Lysebl

10 stashed

21 projects

2019 Gammel Rosa

21 stashed

52 projects

2022 Midnatsbl

21 stashed

30 projects

2028 Mint Lyspetrol

6 stashed

6 projects

2029 Mint

16 stashed

29 projects

2030 M Rk Petrol

16 stashed

25 projects

2032 Citron Gul

10 stashed

25 projects

2034 Karry

13 stashed

29 projects

2036 M Rk Sennep

40 stashed

81 projects

2038 Stovet Sand

19 stashed

27 projects

2042 Hasseln D

9 stashed

16 projects

2046 Koral

6 stashed

14 projects

2048 Havgr N

14 stashed

21 projects

2050 M Rk Gr Nn

16 stashed

25 projects

2052 Mosgron

11 stashed

14 projects

2056 Syren

11 stashed

11 projects

2058 Mellembla

6 stashed

6 projects