Alpacino DK from Chmurka
Alpacino DK discontinued
DK (11 wpi) ?
246 yards
(225 meters)
100 grams
(3.53 ounces)
US 6 - 7 or 4 - 4.5mm
75% Camelid - Alpaca
15% Silk
10% Goat - Cashmere goat

Just when you think that nothing more will surprise you with softness or delicacy, Alpacino shows up, DK weight this time! One touch of the skein and you are lost for ages. Very soft and fluffy ages :). As for the name, that base has much in common with this well-known… even-toed ungulate. The most delicate, luxurious baby alpaca was blended with silk and wonderful cashmere. Not only it is pretty nice to touch, charmingly fluffy, but also silky, non-irritant, durable and rather warm. The yarn has a slight hair, typical for this fiber, which creates a subtle mist around it. If your skin is sensitive (as mine is) and always feared fluffy yarns, you absolutely should let this one a go and surprise you! That’s not accidental that I started this description with such sentence :).

As you can see, this yarn shares all the advantages with its older (thinner!) brother, but its DK weight makes the even more pronounced! Its volume allows us to feel that softness and fluffiness even better. It was created for warm sweaters – with it you can knit warm garments which don’t feel heavy at all. Alpaca’s thread doesn’t have the round cross-section or isn’t as elastic as Merino, which I consider a great advantage for a DK or Worsted yarn. A fabric from it will still be light and wavy, while at the same time squishy. Perfect for cables!

Every yarns at Chmurka come from verified and ecological mills. Because every goat, sheep or alpaca deserves a happy pasture!