Twirls Deluxe from Cotton Kings

Twirls Deluxe

from Cotton Kings
Sport (12 wpi) ?
1093 yards
(999 meters)
250 grams
(8.82 ounces)
25.0 sts
= 4 inches
US 1½ - 4 or 2.5 - 3.5mm
3.5mm (E) - 4mm (G)
100% Cotton
Care: Machine Dry, Machine Wash
Color: Gradient
Dye: Machine dyed

If you are crazy about Twirls, the yarn with the beautiful color transitions, then we think you will absolutely love Twirls Deluxe. Twirls Deluxe is made of 100% pure, soft cotton in a premium quality. The 4 thin cotton strands are lightly twined and the yarn is therefore easy to work with.

Choose between the many fabulous color combinations where the colors change only one strand at the time. The color change happens evenly throughout the 1093 yards of yarn. This creates the long, slow color transition and adds a beautiful look to any creation.

Twirls Deluxe is therefore incredibly suited for e.g. shawls and scarves since the long color transition will appear beautifully. Where the hue changes, you will see a tiny knot in one of the 4 twined strands that the yarn consists of. You can choose to ignore it which many crafters choose, or you can pull out a tiny bit of the yarn (the entire twined strand) in order to weave in the end at the back of your work.

As with Twirls, you can use the yarn for scarves and lovely cotton shawls or blankets that do not scratch. You will also get gorgeous results when you create a top, blouse or tunic since the beautiful color effect really shows in projects like that. You use approximately 1 skein of yarn for one crocheted shawl / scarf.

Be aware that you normally use more yarn when crocheting than knitting, so you might experience that you will not get to see the entire color transition when knitting. But this depends on the pattern you use. It is a good idea to check the total amount of yarn you need before starting a new project, and compare it to the 874 yards of yarn you get with Twirls Deluxe. Consider if you want to start from the inside or the outside of the skein depending on which color transition you prefer.

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