Eldwick Lace from Eden Cottage Yarns

Eldwick Lace

from Eden Cottage Yarns
Lace ?
459 yards
(420 meters)
50 grams
(1.76 ounces)
US 2½ - 6 or 3 - 4mm
70% Goat - Mohair
30% Silk

PLEASE NOTE: Some skeins have been mislabelled as 100g weight rather than 50g. All skeins sold are 50g and all other information on the label is correct.

Eldwick Lace is a luxuriously soft blend of mohair and silk. The mohair is naturally fluffly and gives this yarn its signature halo. This yarn is ideal for delicate lace designs in both knitting and crochet and can also be held double with other yarns to add the soft, fuzzy halo to larger garments.

As with all hand dyed yarns, I would recommend that you use two skeins at a time, alternating from each one every couple of rows/rounds (unless it’s a one-skein project).

Handwash gently and lay flat to dry
We recommend that you wash dark colours separately or wash a swatch before using dark and light colours together.

WPI measured without leaving space for the fluffy halo

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