Super Sock from Featherfin Yarn

Super Sock

from Featherfin Yarn
Fingering (14 wpi) ?
437 yards
(400 meters)
100 grams
(3.53 ounces)
27.5 to 38.0 sts
= 4 inches
US 0 - 2½ or 2 - 3mm
75% Wool - Merino
25% Manufactured Fibers - Nylon / Polyamide
Care: Dry Flat, Machine Wash, Superwash
Color: Semi-solid
Dye: Hand dyed
Ply: 4-ply
Put up: Winding required
Dyed: Germany

The Super Sock base was one of the first bases I added to the shop and it is still here because it always delivers.
The length and weight are very versatile, you can make couch socks, elegant cardigans or beautiful big blanket wraps with it, no problem.

The raw yarn is OEKO-TEX 100 certified and the extrafine merino fibers are mulesing-free. (The term on the labels “Virgin Wool” or “New Wool” indicate that it is a new fiber and not of recycled origin as required by the EU).

My favorite uses for the Super Sock base are cable patterns and structured knits, because the yarn holds its form very well and has great stitch definition. It is also very soft to the touch and can be worn directly on the skin. But because of this delicate nature, it is best reserved for garments or couch sock knitting, because it would not stand long against the daily wear in shoes.

Since I have a degree in chemistry, I selected the dyes that I use very carefully and made sure they do not contain free heavy metal ions or other substances that might be harmful to humans. I also try to use as little water as I can and am setting the dyes over energy-efficient induction ovens.

All my yarns are rinsed with a mild detergent before hung to dry naturally. But the darker colors may show some bleeding in the first wash. So I would recommend to hand wash them separately the first time.

If you need any assistance choosing your yarn, you can reach out to me at I would be happy to help :)

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