Silky linen heavylace from Gobsmacked
Silky linen heavylace
Lace ?
716 yards
(655 meters)
115 grams
(4.06 ounces)
65% Silk
35% Cellulose - Linen / Flax

This two-ply falls between a heavy lace or light fingering weight. Its 65% silk/ 35% linen blend means that it is wool-free (a bonus for those who can’t tolerate wool) and that it takes the dye in really interesting ways. That’s because the silk soaks up acid dyes, but the linen, as a cellulose (plant-based) fibre, does not. The result is soft, muted colours, ranging from saturated pastels (yes, I’m sure there’s such a thing) to pale washes. The yarn has a light, dry hand and feels quite soft to the touch. It tends to shed a bit of lint during knitting, but blocks out to a soft, drapey fabric.