Nutiden from Höner och Eir


from Höner och Eir
Lace ?
563 yards
(515 meters)
100 grams
(3.53 ounces)
US 0 - 8 or 2 - 5mm
1.5mm - 5mm (H)
100% Wool
Care: Dry Flat, Hand Wash, Hand Wash Cold
Color: Semi-solid, Solid color
Construction: Unspun
Dye: Fleece dyed, Hand dyed, Undyed
Source of fiber: Sweden, local wool in Sweden
Scoured: Sweden, from local farmers
Milled: Sweden, in our own mill
Dyed: Sweden, by my hands /höner och eir

Single ply pre-yarn 100% Swedish wool; approx. 515 – 550 yds (470 – 500 m) per 100 - 120 gr plate.

Nutiden is a pre-Yarn / unspun yarn that will variate depending on blend. Each blend / colorway will always be unique and variable - using only Swedish wool some heritage breeds.

For a single ply you can easily work anywhere from 2-5 mm - it all depends on what fabric and project you are working on. You can make the yarn thicker or add colors by holding more then one strand together. You can spin the pre-yarn to make it stronger, thinner by drafting or thicker by spinning strands together or plying.

We use inspiration from the wool we collect from local farmers to guide us in blends and colors - to make interesting and unique blends that will last.

We only use water when producing yarns. Nothing else is added (unless dyed) . For dyed colors : water, salt, vinegar and certified dye pigments.

Stand alone color - for Patreon members only


Collection IV

…then forgiveness came.
W´s Woodland

Collection III
Severn colorways

*** Cecilias song *** - farmyarn from local farm - by sheperdess Cecilia.
*** Copper and Tin *** - Warm and cold mixed into a comfort blend of autumn love.
Dove/ Nuva Light and crisp blue/purple to highlight any other colorway in a color work as well as just calming you - by itself.
*** Phesant / Fasan *** - Deep warm brown with a cold red undertone and orange .
*** Pebble Breach *** - base of light light grey - mixed with all the colors of the world. Main dominance is light green that will show a lot in combinations with reds/pinks.
Mallow / Malva Light light pink with purple and yellow
*** Dragonfly / Trollslända *** Deep turquoise dyed on Blacknose sheep wool mixed with 50% natural black Swedish finewool.

Collection II
seven colorways

**** Rose quartz** ** - light and gentle pink with beige undertone
*Olivetti* - Warm grren, feel of olives and oak leafs with a deep gray undertone
** Deep Grafite ** - Nature black with grey hints
** Grafite ** medium grey - the perfect grey for any kind of colorwork or just by itself
** Light Grafite** - Light grey - perfect by itself for the basic garment - or in colorwork as a carrier.
**** Elder Pear**** - light greens with light grey undertone
**** Superlative (beige ) **** - NOTE mix with 5% Angora/alpaca - mixed with loads of special Swedish breeds like Blacknose sheep and Rya.
A very special beige, that has green undertones and peach pink.

Collection I

Rosewood - warm brown (sold out)
Pinch and Dash - base color grey with duckegg blues and amber gold.
Pip´s egg - a light turquoise with beige
Just before May - golden beige with hints of pinks and beige (Sold out)
Shy Violet - Deep purple tones mixed with natural dark browns (sold out)

Each blend is different in feel and thickness due to our love for heritage breeds that have a focus and make each yarn its own.

All plates are sold in around 105-135 g - you always just pay for 100 g :-)

See hashtag #nutidenyarn on Instagram

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