Aloft Lace Weight Hand Painted from Knit Picks

Aloft Lace Weight Hand Painted

from Knit Picks
Lace ?
260 yards
(238 meters)
25 grams
(0.88 ounces)
72% Goat - Mohair
28% Silk

A stunning new take on our luxurious mohair blend, Aloft Hand Painted is a soft, light, and airy blend of 72% mohair and 28% silk featuring gorgeous, subtly-shifting hues. The silk provides a radiant core that shimmers and shines through the soft halo of the mohair, while adding a beautiful drape and texture to any shawl, stole, or scarf. Try holding Aloft Hand Painted doubled for a denser fabric, or along with another yarn for surprisingly warm cardigans or wraps. Whether you use this yarn on its own or as an accent, you will find Aloft Hand Painted to be a versatile yarn perfectly suited for any project, big or small.

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